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Life journey 2021-06-04 10:20:49

Today is the sixth day of my baby's birth , 8:30 in the morning , Finally, I look forward to the call from the doctor in charge saying , The baby's bilirubin level has dropped to the normal range , You can call her in the evening to track the situation .

The baby's grandmother is already very anxious , Grandma insisted on coming to the hospital with me , She said : “ I can't see the baby , Let me see if sun's daughter-in-law can't do it ? ” I can't do without her .

Learn that everything is OK with the baby , My daughter told all her family in wechat group : “ Rest assured , Yiyi of our family is OK ! Eight times yesterday , Sucking every time 50 ml , Compared to the last two days , Great progress has been made . If everything goes well , You can be discharged tomorrow !”

I have to go to bed early tonight , Tomorrow morning, mama 、 Both of them are discharged from the hospital , There are a lot of things . Father Bao and master Bao go through the discharge procedures , I have to go back with my mother , I went to pick up the newborn baby with the kindergarten nurse .

Let go of your mind , Good night, !

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