Kindergarten mother's Day program, large, medium and small classes have
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Happy mother's Day

There is an emotion in the world , It was born , There is no condition , Remain unbroken , It's maternal love ! mother , The greatest man in the world . Mother's Day is the second Sunday of May , This year's mother's Day is 5 month 9 Japan . As the most important role in our lives , Mother has always given us care and love , We also want to repay our mother ! today , Xiao Bian has arranged some mother's Day activities in kindergartens for you , Take the kids and do it !

Mother's Day activities ( Big class )

Moving target :

1、 Through parent-child activities , So that children can further experience the strong family relationship with their mothers , Stimulate the emotion of loving mom .

2、 Develop children's observation 、 expressiveness 、 Oral expression ability 、 Hands on ability .

3、 Feel the hard work of mother raising herself .

Activity preparation :

1、 Before the open day , Organize children to experience being mothers , And video .

2、 A certain amount of fruit ; Fruit plate ; Toothpick .

3、 music 《 A grateful heart 》《 Only mom is good in the world 》《 My good mother 》.

Activity process :

One 、 Conversation leads to activity :

t : Children all know what festival is on the second Sunday in May ?( Mother's Day ) The second Sunday in May is mother's day , It's a festival for all mothers in the world . Mom has paid a lot to raise us , Very hard , So , Today, the teacher invited the children's mother to the kindergarten , Let's thank mom 、 Kiss a good mother .

Next, the children welcome their mother with the warmest applause ……

Two 、 Say mom :

(1) Please remember 、 The unforgettable story of a mother raising a child .

Mom is the one who loves us most in the world , Mother's love and care make us feel very happy , There must be many unforgettable things between children and their mothers , Now let's talk about the unforgettable things between the children and their mother .

(2) Please tell me what impressed my child most .

We are big 2 The children in class are really sensible , That's very good ! Don't look at us , But we all remember mom's love for us , Isn't it ?

(3) Group performance :《 My good mother 》( Replaceable )

When mom comes home from work after a hard day , What should we do ?

3、 ... and 、 Be a mother :

(1) watch “ Be a mother ” Video of , Experience my mother's hard work .

t : The children grow up day by day , Become more and more sensible , That's what makes mom happy , A few days ago, our children were mothers for the whole day , Now let's watch a video .

(2) Talk about being a mother for a day .

Our children have been mothers for a day , Very happy , When you do things 、 How do you feel when you sleep ?

(3) Tell a story about mom , Let children further feel the greatness of maternal love .

Children who have been mothers all day feel very hard , But mom is going to do 10 It's six months before we have a baby , Now I'll tell you a story about my mother .( A brief story )

Four 、 Thank you, mom :

There are many touching things about every mother , Mom is our guardian angel , She will take care of us with all her love , Children should always keep their mother's love in mind , Cherish your mother's love with a grateful heart , Return my mother's love when I grow up .

(1) The sweetest smile on my mother's face , Say in unison :“ Thank you, mom ! Mom, we love you forever ”

(2) Kiss your mother , Say something from your heart to your mother .

(3) Group performance :《 A grateful heart 》( Replaceable )

(4) Invite mom to dance 《 Come together 》

(5) Hands-On Activities : Make a fruit platter for mom .

 Kindergarten mother's Day program , Big 、 in 、 Small classes have

Mother's Day activities ( middle shift )

Design thinking : On Mother's Day , To train children to be grateful to their mothers 、 Love my mother's beautiful feelings , We design 、 A series of activities have been carried out .“ Thank you for mother's day ” It's the end of the activity , It's a review and presentation of the previous activities , It's also an open Festival .

Preliminary activities :

1. Conversation activities : My good mother

2. Language activities : Learn children's songs 《 Mom and I 》《 Healthy and happy every day 》

3. Music activities : Learn to sing songs 《 The little crow loves his mother 》《 My good mother 》

4. Art activities : Handmade “ The necklace ”, painting “ Mom and I ”

Moving target :

1. Having a holiday with mom , Feel the joy of the festival together

2. Experience the hard work of mother raising herself , grateful

3. Send my mother festival blessings in my own way

Activity preparation :

1. Organize children to sing songs skillfully

2. Mother's Day activities PPT、 Manuscripts 、 Pictures and music

3. Send an invitation to parents , Communicate with parents who are going to speak at the event , Decide what to say

4. Collect photos of children doing things for their mothers

5. Set up the activity environment

Activity process :

One 、 Import activities —— Welcome to mom

Parents and children sit in a semicircle , The child sits in front of his mother . Play music 《 Mother's kiss 》.

t : Children , Mom has come to our activities , Are you happy ? Do you know why I invited my mother to the kindergarten today ?

Young : Because mom's going to have a holiday .

t : Let's welcome mom with warm applause !

The teacher explained the origin of mother's Day briefly , Report to parents about the related activities in the early stage .

Two 、 Enjoy the pictures —— Only mom is good in the world

1. t : This is a new born kitten , It came out of mom's stomach , Open your eyes and see the blue sky , There are so many lovely children , I'm so happy , So he said to his mother :“ Mom , Thank you , Thank you for bringing me to this beautiful world .” Children , You know what? ? It's mom who brought us to this world , Let's hear the sweet song , Having a warm home and so many good friends . Now please put your mouth to your mother's ear , Whisper to mom :“ Thank you , Mom .”

2. t : Who is this ?

Young : Woodpecker .

t : What's the woodpecker doing ?

Young : Feed her baby worms .

t : Mother woodpecker catches insects and feeds her baby one by one . Children , You know what? ? When you can't eat yet , Your mother feeds you like this one by one . Fed by my mother , Children grow up day by day . Come on , Please hold your mother's face in your hands , Say it softly :“ Thank you , Mom .”

3. t : What is this huge animal ?

Young : It's rhinoceros .

t : What happened to the rhinoceros ?

Young : It's tired .

t : It turns out that the little rhinoceros is learning to walk , It's too small to walk , Always wobbling as if to fall , Mother rhinoceros quickly supported it with her head . Children , When you can't walk steadily , How does Mom help you learn to walk ? Now please make the children smaller , Please help your baby to learn to walk ( Please cooperate with parents ).

t : Look back , When mom helps you learn to walk , What kind of posture ?

Young : Two hands on us , Bend down .

t : Yes , It's bent all the time , It's tiring to bend over for a long time . Now let's ask the children to hold out your little hand , Holding mom's hand , Say it affectionately to mom :“ Thank you , Mom .” Because it's the hands that help you learn to walk .

4. t : Children, look , What is hidden under the wings of the grey goose ?

Young : It's its baby .

t : Yes , It's the baby of the grey goose , The little guy may be cold , Maybe it's going to rain , Or they're in danger , Scared . Let's have a look , How does mother grey goose do it ?

Young : Protect them with wings .

t : Yes , Mother grey goose opens her wings to protect her baby . So when children are in danger , How does your mother do it , Let's have a try ?( Signal to parents to cooperate , Play the sound of thunder and rain )

t : Did the children see it ? When it rains 、 When it's windy or dangerous , That's how your mother put out her arms to protect you . The children , Please lean against your mother's arms , Say it in a coquettish voice :“ Thank you , Mom .”

5. t : What is this little squirrel doing ? It turns out that squirrel's mother can't play with him because she has to cook , It's angry and cheating . Please think about it , Have you ever because mom doesn't buy toys for you , Just hang around on the ground ? Have you ever wanted to go home for fun , Just angry with mom ? Actually, we've all been angry with mom 、 When it comes to cheating . however , Did mom throw you out because of this , Don't you ?

Young : No, .

t : Yes , No, , Mom can always forgive you , No matter what you do , Mom always loves you so much . Now please hold your mother tightly , Say... Loudly :“ Mom , Thank you .”

3、 ... and 、 Parents talk —— Mom is so hard

t : Children , In fact, my mother's hard work 、 I care for you more than that . Mom's going to work , I'll cook for you when I get home from work 、 Play with you 、 I'll tell you a story . Next , Let's listen to what mom said “ Mom's story ”.

Four 、 Family activities show —— Be a good child who cares about his mother

t : Mom, in order to take care of us , Let's grow up healthily , Paid a lot, a lot . however , Our children are also very good , I know that the children in our class often help their mother recently , Did a lot of things , Let's take a look at the children's performance .

1. Pictures of children doing things for their mothers . In the form of interview, ask the children to talk about what they are doing , Why do you do this ( Design according to children's ability 、 Raise questions ) Please tell me how I felt at that time .

2. A picture of a baby washing his mother's feet . Read the parent-child activity record to children and parents .

t : The kids are amazing . Although mom is very hard , But the children can understand their mother's hard work , Caring for mom 、 Help mom , No matter how hard my mother is, my heart is sweet . Today is mother's day , Next, let's sing to express our love for mom .

5、 ... and 、 Performance activities —— Happy mother's Day

1. song 《 My good mother 》. Children stand in front of their mothers singing , Performing for mom .

2. Nursery rhymes 《 Mom and I 》. Ask mother and children to cooperate in recitation . The big screen shows the content of children's songs , Mom read the last sentence , Children read the following sentence .

3. song 《 The little crow loves his mother 》. Please sing to your mother .

4. Nursery rhymes 《 Healthy and happy every day 》. Children take gifts for their mothers “ The necklace ”( Children's handicrafts ), Read children's songs in cooperation with teachers , At the end of the recitation, put on your mother “ The necklace ”.

5. song 《 Lupine 》 Music starts . t : Last , Children also have a most precious gift for their mother , That's to give mom a sweet kiss . The activity ended with beautiful music and happy atmosphere of kissing mother .

attach : Nursery rhymes

《 Healthy and happy every day 》

t : I said to God , Keep mom healthy forever 、 happy . brag , That's ok , But only 4 God ,

Young : In the spring 、 In the summer 、 autumn 、 In the winter .

t : brag , Um. , It would be 3 God ,

Young : yesterday 、 today 、 Tomorrow, .

t : brag , No , It would be 2 God , Young : Day 、 Black sky . t : brag , No no , Can only be 1 God , Young : That's every day , Wish mom health 、 Happy every day !

《 Mom and I 》 If mom is the sky , I am Baiyun . If mom is the sun , I am grass . If mom is a forest , I'm a bird . If mom is the land , I am the flower . If mom is the ocean , I'm just a boat . If mom is a mountain , I am the little tree on the mountain . If mom is a river , I'm just a little fish , Always with mom .

 Kindergarten mother's Day program , Big 、 in 、 Small classes have

Mother's Day activities ( a reception class )

Moving target :

1、 Let children know that the second Sunday in May is mother's day .

2、 To understand my mother's hard work , Cultivate children's gratitude to their mothers .

3、 I can do what I can for my mother with practical actions .

Activity preparation :

Material preparation

1、 Negotiate with young children on how to choose 、 What kind of materials to decorate the festival environment , Programming and so on .

2、 Making flowers 、 Greeting card 、 The necklace 、 All kinds of wrinkled paper for painting 、 Thin wire 、 scissors 、 Color cardboard 、 Oil painting stick 、 Color straws, etc .

3、《 A grateful heart 》 music

4、 Advance the invitation , Invite mom × month × Japan ×× Time to come to the kindergarten to celebrate .

Knowledge, experience, preparation

1、 Contact a parent representative to deliver a speech ( Through communication , Ask her to say it in a language that children can understand ).

2、 Children are required to go home and observe what their mothers are going to do at home .

Activity process :

One 、 Introduce mother's Day

Teachers' : Today is the second Sunday in May , Do children know what festival it is today ?

Young children : Mother's Day

Teachers' : You know, " mother " What do you mean ?

Young children :—— Mother is what mother means

Teachers' :" Mother's Day " Whose Festival is it ?

Young son : It's a festival for all mothers in the world

Teachers' : This day , Children in many countries around the world celebrate this festival for their mothers .

Two 、“ Mother's Day Thanksgiving meeting ” Activities : Sing a song 《 Only mom is good in the world 》

Teachers' : Today, we invited the children's mothers to the kindergarten , Let's give them a big round of applause . First of all, we want to present a beautiful song for mothers 《 Only mom is good in the world 》.

Guide children to talk about how they can care about their mothers

Teachers' : Children's mothers must do a lot of things at home , Who can say , What does your mother do at home ?

Young children : Cooking 、 Cook 、 laundry 、 Wash the dishes 、 Sanitation and so on ;

Teachers' : It turns out that mothers have so much housework to do at home , It's hard . So children should always listen to their mother , Help your mother do what you can , Lighten the burden for mom . When it comes to lightening the burden , I want to ask the children to talk about it , What are you going to do for your mother at home ?

Young children : Sweep the floor 、 take out the trash 、 Clean the room and so on .

Teaching ideas :

My mother does housework at home every day , Children can't be more familiar with . Starting from the problem of being close to children's life, teachers naturally arouse children's desire to express , Naturally leads to " Mom is very hard , Children should listen to their mother , Lighten the burden for mom " The topic of .

3、 ... and 、 Recite children's songs 《 Mom's heart 》

The children speak very well , Then let's recite a children's song for mom 《 Mom's heart 》 Well .

Just now, the mothers were particularly moved by the children's recitation , They have a lot to say to the children , Today we have ××× The children's mother , Let's invite her to speak for the children on behalf of all the mothers , Welcome .

( Mom speaks on behalf of )

Teaching ideas :

new 《 outline 》 Pointed out that :" Family is an important partner of kindergarten , We should strive for the support and active participation of parents ." In this link, teachers make good use of parents as an important resource , And make the whole activity more vivid 、 Interesting 、 suction

Four 、 Parent child games —— Step on the balloon

Next, I'd like to invite the children's mothers to play a game —— Step on the balloon , The top three winners were awarded prizes .

Teaching ideas :

Play is a very popular activity for children , Take the game of asking mothers to step on balloons , Let mothers relive the joy of childhood games , Let the children shout for their mother again 、 come on. , So I realized that my mother was happy , I also feel happy .

5、 ... and 、 Gift giving

stay 《 A grateful heart 》 With the music of , Children make gifts , Give it to mom , And say a word of consideration to my mother 、 Blessing words .

t : Children can receive gifts from their mothers on their birthdays , Today is mother's day , We children should also send a gift in return for mom , Are you right ? today , The teacher prepared a lot of materials for the children , There are oil sticks 、 Drawing paper 、 Wax paper 、 Watercolor pen 、 Crepe paper 、 Paper jam and so on . You can draw with these materials , They can also be used to make greeting cards 、 Carnation 、 A necklace or something . When the gift is finished , Please give it to my dear mother , And say a warm word to my mother 、 Blessing words .( such as : Mom , I love you! ! Mom , thank you for working so hard ! Mom , I wish you a happy holiday !)

Teaching ideas :

In the familiar 《 A grateful heart 》 Under the melody of , Guide children to expand the wings of imagination , Choose your own materials , Combined with existing experience and skills , Making gifts for mom on Mother's Day . This design is to let children experience the happiness of independent creation , Also in order to let children start from this small action , Hold one " A grateful heart " Return my mother's love with practical actions .

6、 ... and 、 Extension activities

1、 Go home and listen to my mother tell me the story of my growing up .

2、 Go home and wash your mother's feet , Help my mother wash away the tiredness .

Although the activities in class are over , But gratitude to my mother will never end , In the extension of activities, teachers can put forward “ Go home and listen to my mother tell me the story of my growing up " and " Go home and wash your mother's feet , Help my mother wash away the tiredness " My homework , Leading children's " Gratitude " To a wider sky .

 Kindergarten mother's Day program , Big 、 in 、 Small classes have

Each of us grew up in the pure and selfless bath of maternal love , On the way to growth , Mother's efforts are too much . Now there are many one-child families , Because of the overindulgence of children 、 Arrogance , Many children turn a blind eye to their mother's love , Take it for granted , So not to mention caring for the mother , Thank your mother , This is extremely unfavorable to the development of children's sound personality .

On Mother's Day , We designed to " Thank you for your mother's love " Activities for the theme , Invite the children's mothers to join us in the kindergarten , I hope that through this activity, children can understand their mother's hard work , Experience my mother's love , And then start by thanking your mother , Know how to repay your kindness , To be a good 、 with " Gratitude " The heart of the people .

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