Life, Hello!
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:17:34

I'm not happy with my life , Full of enthusiasm for life, drinking boiled water is good . I don't want to live a normal life , Instead, he chose to live a dull life .

life , There's no smell , Whether you need to adjust the flavor depends on the flavor of this seasoning , Those who adjust acid will taste the bitterness of life , When it's sweet, experience the beauty of life , Everyone has the right to adjust their tastes , Some people don't adjust to their favorite taste for the time being, and have a chance to taste bitter and spicy , The attitude to life now is the attitude to choose the future , Life and life are not immutable , Life is boring without ups and downs Boring life Life can make people numb Life is not what you like , Don't forget to tune it up , I have learned to bring joy to my life , Bringing happiness to life is an attitude towards life .

Life is like sugar with different flavors , In a bottle Randomly take out a piece of sugar and put it in your mouth , What is sweet is sweet , If you don't like it, you can change it I bought a candy with different taste , It's like whether the next second of life is a surprise or a shock . It's good to eat whatever candy you get 了 , Because someone got

It's bitter and hard to swallow Or eat it Life is the same . Facing the pressure and helplessness of life, we should be positive The face of .

Life is life , No life There is no life , I love life , To love life . Life is beautiful , Before you love life , Learn to love yourself first .

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