Elder sister wants me to have a video chat
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:17:26

When I go to bed at noon , Big sister sent me a video chat . We talked for an hour , Until she had to go to the bathroom .

This month's 16 Number , Elder sister was found a malignant tumor in her lung , Then I went to Changsha Xiangya First Affiliated Hospital for further examination, and was diagnosed as two malignant tumors in the right lung , The left lung is a benign mass .

In Appendix 2 , The elder sister made a PET——CT, To check other parts of the body for signs of cancer .

Yesterday afternoon , We finally got the results : There is no cancer cell metastasis in other parts of the body .

Thank goodness ! Good luck in misfortune . Lung cancer should be early , After the operation, I hope it will be OK in the future .

The doctor told my elder sister to wait in line for the operation at home , I'm in hospital when I'm in line .

two o'clock in the afternoon , When the elder sister can take the initiative to send a video to talk to me , I know that she has basically accepted the reality . because , the other day , What did we ask her , She simply answered something , Then there is silence .

In video chat , We talk slowly , Talking and talking , I saw her smile , Her speaking speed also gradually increased , Some of them touched me .

She said : “ When a friend is complaining to me , I asked them if they were sick , They all said they were in good health .

How happy it is to be healthy ! What else to worry about ? They didn't know I had the disease .”

Little imagine , My elder sister used to , But a person who has something in his heart and can't let it go .

She also said : “ My only wish is to live well . Good fruit can live to 70 years old , I'm going to have a big party , Of course, I don't accept red envelopes .”

She begged God to let her live to seventy years old , This wish is not too much !

When someone lives to a certain point , Will reduce their desire , And feel grateful .

Elder sister , come on. , Live to ninety-nine , And to live a quality of life .

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