Rigeng, it's not easy to give you up
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:17:15

There was no day shift yesterday , You can also activate the resurrection card today , however , If not more , It will really break more .

Lower your expectations of yourself , More than 100 words a day , There should be no problem . Should I take advantage of the resurrection card , Continue to write Japanese ?

If it's broken , Will I relax from now on , Give up completely in a while ? Is this a pity ?

Did I really become one of the many people who wrote and turned away ? Why don't you write about the writer who just blossoms ?

I'm in the middle of thinking about myself , You You Tao Yu sent wechat : “ Why don't you send your articles to the writing group ?”

I replied : “ sorry , I only read your articles , The rest didn't spend much time looking at cell phones .”

This is the time , I've felt an invisible force , It prompted me to start writing Japanese Geng . I just wrote the first two sentences , Tao Yu sent two more wechat :

“ Writing still needs to be continued !”

“ Develop good habits , Don't throw it away .”

I replied immediately : “ Um. , Thank you Tao Yu !”

Tao Yu is Jane's friend I have never met , But so concerned 、 Caring for me .

be ashamed ! be moved !

here , I think of teacher Zhou Weiying, the leader of the writing group , He wrote in the article , Repeat your point of view to guide 、 Like me, I have no confidence in Japan , The writer who always hesitates .

Tell the truth , I thought it would be better to give up , You can make yourself at ease , But actually , When did I put it down ?

One side , I'm afraid I'll really become insensitive in the future , It's hard to start .

On the other hand , I can't bear to disappoint Mr. Zhou and Tao Yu . I really want to go back to the writing group , Go back to your teachers and friends .

Thinking so much , More and more ashamed —— How come I'm not so reassuring , I'm still struggling with writing !

I can't just talk to Tao Yu “ thank you ” Forget it . therefore , Then send a wechat to Tao Yu :

“ I adjust myself , First of all, I insist on writing Japanese Geng , On the other hand, we should strengthen our consciousness and initiative .

I have a lot of hobbies , There is no shortage of ways to pass the time , You have to adjust your mind , Not too relaxed , And don't put too much pressure on yourself , After all, writing is just my hobby . however , I'm also afraid that if I stop, I'll give up writing and waste my time .”

Tao language : “ Although it's a hobby , And don't throw it away .”

After a while , She added : “ Read the golden Scripture of raising people .”

The Tao language goes on and on , Take the trouble to persuade me , Don't give up .

before , I told her , Her rigorous academic attitude and magnanimous character are very similar to my second sister , No , More compassionate than my second sister .

Because I respect my second sister very much , therefore , In limine , I believe in Tao language . I feel warm when she corrects my mistakes , I also accept her help very much .

Now? , After I've been confused for a long time , When you're still not confident , She extended her powerful hands to me again , Give me strength and courage .

Thank you Tao Yu ! Thank you, Mr. Zhou ! Because of you , Give up day Watch , It's not easy !

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