Learn from Mr. Zhou, learn to write and practice
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:17:04

Mr. Zhou Weiying's essay in the past two days , It touched me a lot . The article is full of his painstaking efforts , It contains his great wisdom .

The teacher is writing about the relationship between writing and cultivation , And the combination of creative writing and practice , His ideas are instructive , It's good for me to learn to write , Inspire me to think about the meaning of writing 、 Seek , Keep your faith in writing .

In order to understand 、 Absorb the essence , I specially sum up his articles of yesterday and today as follows :

1. To insist on writing is to cultivate one's mind , It's a matter of mentality if we can't stick to it .

2. By writing, self-control is to control others , Writing for the public , It's a way of helping others , It's the best way to save yourself .

3. Writing is not utilitarian , Live in the present , Write in the moment , It's meditation . Meditation is the only way to write meaningful words .

4. It's good to write and read , It can be said to be a return to nature , Guizhen is guidao ( state ). Writing is cultivation , There is a way in my heart , There's just something to write about “ Avenue ” .

5. Write often , To ask someone to modify , Accept public supervision . such , Writing ability can be improved . Writing must have quantitative accumulation , There will be a qualitative leap .

6. Pay attention to details in writing , Details show responsibility , Gain the trust of readers . Trust makes it easy for readers to accept your ideas , Get your positive energy , Embody the value of your writing .

7. Write an article “ To complete , Post perfect .” Instead of just finishing , Don't focus on modification, perfect .

8. Forget yourself in writing , Beyond oneself .“ Selflessness ” Heal yourself , And heal the public , instead of “ When you get better , And then heal the public .”

Teacher Zhou's article , Let me deeply feel the value of his writing . I benefited a lot from his wisdom , My future writing practice , A long way to go .

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