Looking back
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:16:55

Believe in everyone who passes you by on the road of life , It won't let you go through it in vain .

because , You always see something in him , Ponder 、 What do you realize , Even learn something , Whether he makes you happy or sad or painful .

There are too many choices in life , Testing your resilience all the time 、 Courage and wisdom , Everywhere lurks the opportunity of fate .

The past leaves no leaves , The customs and human feelings that have passed through , It's all over , The last look back is the deep understanding .

Love is long , Hate is also quiet , The past with the wind , One day I'll put it down .

What should come will come , You can't get out of here . It's just the arrival of menopausal syndrome , It always makes me forget things , Always forget the words of inspiration .

All of these , I have to face up to it .

Life is too short , While experiencing the taste of life , On one side, just for joy and peace .

Impermanence, , One side fade out of the world , While tempering the inner simplicity .

Origin, origin, and extinction , It has its own number , Don't force it .

From now on , There is no trace in my heart , But for peace and quiet .

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