Beautiful picture of solar halo
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:16:50

Yesterday, , When I knew about the halo , After a nap, I learned from the school group that .

Some people are popularizing science in the group : Halo is also called round rainbow , An atmospheric optical phenomenon , When sunlight passes through cirrus clouds , Formed by refraction or reflection of ice crystals . When the light hits the ice crystals in the cirrus , After two refractions , Disperse into different colors of light in different directions .

Here are some pictures of our school running to the top of the building , Then I went to the sports square to take pictures . She also made a halo video , Together with Deng Ziqi 《 Beyond light years 》 The lyrics of :

Maybe the future is far beyond light years

I would like to wait for you in the unknown

I didn't expect for you I can be crazy enough

The landslide tsunami ……

This gorgeous halo ! Although I didn't see you with my own eyes , But I've got to collect this. The music is perfect. The video is also good !

Solar halo

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