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Life journey 2021-06-04 10:16:37

There are not many friends , It's in the wind and rain .

Love no matter how long , The most important thing is to respond to what you need .

Someone will give you money to spend , It's called happiness , Be content ! To cherish the person who is willing to give you money , Whether this person is a relative 、 Love or blue beauty 、 Or friends , Because money is not enough for anyone ⋯⋯ Someone who is willing to spend money for you , Not because of the money 、 It's not because he's stupid , But at that moment he thought you were more important than money ⋯⋯

Because money doesn't last a lifetime ! People who help you , There is only one purpose , That's to hope you can live better . The money I can earn , That's hard work , Be sure to satisfy !

There are always times when you are down in life , Lose once , You know who's real , Who is fake . A friend in need is a friend indeed !

I've been really busy lately , I didn't read the excellent works of my good teachers and friends , And didn't get back to you in time , Please forgive me a lot !

Thank you very much !️️️️️️

Good night and a good dream !️️️️️️

Please bring the original link to reprint ,thank
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