Hawaiian Royal bracelet and beautiful foot chain
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The representative of Hawaii's first royal bracelet is queen lillio kalani .1860 year , Or the princess, who wore the Hawaiian language in black enamel Hoomanao Mau( Forever memory ) The bracelet became a symbol of the royal family , It was given a mission to care for the people of Hawaii . In the decades that followed , Whether it's in a happy palace , Or is he in prison for fighting against American power , This bracelet has been with lily oucarani for the rest of her life . Until today, , The historical value of this bracelet is still promoting and invigorating the development of Hawaiian culture and social traditions .

1887 year , Queen Kapiolani And the princess Liliuokalani To the celebration of Queen Victoria of England . In Daqing , They took out gold bracelets engraved with their names in English , Showing its unique and unique personality gift , Win the house .1893 year , Queen Liliu'okalani Give gold enamel to headmaster of girls' school --- Atkinson .

Queen Liliu of Hawaii beat karani

The inscription on the bracelet is “Aloha Oe”( Love for you ) and “Liliu'okalani Jan.5” word .“Aloha Oe” yes 1878 When Queen Lily ucalani was still a princess , I wrote a world famous Hawaiian song . Principal Atkinson, as an active socialist and coordinator of the queen at the time , Get the envy of many young girls , They all asked their mother to carve on the bracelet , Then the girls' mothers carved their names on them instead of writing "Aloha Oe", From this point onwards “ Hawaiian Royal bracelets ” Also known as “ Hawaiian heirloom Bracelet ” The birth of .

1894-1955 year , As it becomes more and more popular , The handicraft jewelry industry is growing strongly in Hawaii . The local exotic flowers and leaves are combined with the traditional rolling pattern of old England , The combination of local elements, the Hawaiian bracelet has been completely transformed .

1955 year , Get introduced by the media , The new trend of Hawaiian bracelets has begun .1990 year , The introduction of fan-shaped edges adds depth and vitality to the bracelet . 1993 year , Phillip prycard finished 7 A survey and research in , And published his book “ The permanent memory of royal jewelry of Hawaii ”, In the book, he reveals many common misunderstandings about this island jewelry .

2001 year , Phillip was studying his book “ Hawaiian heirloom jewelry and permanent memories ” At the same time , More than a century ago Lili'uokalani The original Hawaiian Bracelet I was wearing .

In his research, he focused on the essay "Ho'omanao Mau"( Forever memory ) The symbols around are very interesting , At first, I thought they were just the symbol of aesthetic rank and authority . But he felt that these symbols had more design implications . He began to translate them one by one , After an orderly translation , Cracked the meaning of each , And write the central meaning into a sentence , So that the meaning of the design representative becomes clear . It's obvious that the symbols and the meaning they contain come together as prayers .

2002 year , Add a Multi Coated pink to the gold , White and green , Bring new vitality and life to the traditional Hawaiian Bracelet .

2008 year , The latest jewelry technology adds modern color to the traditional Hawaiian bracelet , A few years later , Philip Ricard translated in ( Forever memory ) The beautiful prayers on the bracelet are carved on the inside of the ring , So that the blessing of the Hawaiian Bracelet more strongly reflected , Bring people better jewelry .

Hawaiian bracelets give impressive and elegant reverie , Different flower designs , Reflecting the Hawaiian leisure island , Beautiful plants : flower , Palm tree , Starfish , The tails of whales and dolphins , Plumeria rubra , Sea turtle , Pineapple , flowers , Canoes and fish .

It's all carved by Hawaiian craftsmen , Integrate traditional Hawaiian culture into it , Form a popular style of Hawaiian bracelets , The unique and attractive design of Hawaiian bracelets is always memorable . therefore , Traditional Hawaiian bracelets , Its impact , More influential than any jewelry in the past .( Two )

Beautiful women's feet are more swaying in Hawaii , It's refreshing . Shuttling through the beach market , The chain foot has become a light spot , Shining in the wandering crowd . Beauty can be embedded in any part of a woman , From head to foot . No wonder people say : The world is wonderful because of women .

Turtle foot chain

The women of Hawaii in paradise make the wind under their feet , It's all about foot chains , I don't believe it. Look at the high quality : gold 、 Platinum 、 Pink gold 、 Green gold and rainbow gold , Diamond inlaid 、 Crystal 、 Amber 、 Pearl's 、 Silver and other materials are different ; The style is dazzling , There's a smooth surface 、 Hollowing out 、 Carved ; Hang a pendant like a necklace , Bear shaped 、 Key shaped 、 Heart shaped , Locked ; There are all kinds of animal shapes connected by rings , Cross winding in the sandal belt is more coquettish .

Why do Hawaiian beauties love chain feet ? It's said that if it's wearing Anklets for lovers or partners , I'll be together in my next life , We'll find each other again . Early Hawaiians wore short chains of flowers and plants around their ankles , Today, the rudiments of hula dance can still be seen under the feet of performers , Who ever thought that this idea has become the ancestor of the popular foot ornaments now .

therefore , The beauties who visit Hawaii buy themselves the same Anklets they like , It's brilliant , It's a pilgrimage for feet ! Tie this life , Tethered to the afterlife ; Life is too long , Waiting for the meeting in the next life , Those days of missing , How lonely ; The memory is full of a lifetime of missing , What to do if you lose it on naiho bridge . The afterlife is too far away , So to be happy in this life .

The popularity of Hawaiian beauty's Anklet has a wide influence , In this age of great emphasis on individuality , The young and lively girl puts on the eye-catching crystal shoes , Delicate and lively , Wear it in sterling silver or 14K All kinds of Anklets made of gold , A pair of jade feet will look more delicate and lovely .

Wear flat heeled casual sandals , Put on wooden beads 、 Rubber beads 、 Anklets made of agate , Rough and romantic . No one can resist these graces 、 Charming 、 Unrestrained and even full of mysterious jewelry Temptation , No matter how dutiful women are, they will spend a lot of money on their favorite accessories .

The foot ornament is under the foot , But it can make women wear all kinds of amorous feelings . Put on the foot chain with peculiar style and gorgeous color , Walking in the streets , The confidence and pride that a pair of show feet bring to you , It's amazing .

Author's brief introduction :lanfenliu( Nursery, Hawaii ) The creator of the bamboo slips , A Hakka born in Gannan , Leave the most beautiful youth to Shanghai . Flying over the Pacific , Rooted in sandalwood, Shandong, where western culture converges . Take care of mother and baby with love , Write life with sincerity . Nearly 30 years of Hawaiian life , Branded with Aloha The mark of . Like to travel , Wish to share the value and dream of love with words .

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