Two anecdotes about windy mouth in Hawaii
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ghost ! Does it really exist ? Gu Shiyun : There are six tastes in the dream , After sleep, there's nothing . that , Whether there is or not ? Let's share a story about a Hawaiian policewoman “ Son of a gun ” The story .

Honolulu is a famous scenic spot : Gale . English name :Pali Lookout. Local Cantonese call it : Be afraid of harshness ; Indigenous people believe not to bring pork there .

Last year's Halloween , A policewoman disclosed the scene of her own experience with her partner .Pali Lookout It's a security dependency of Honolulu police department area 5 , Patrolling and performing duties at night is a routine business of police officers .

Two gates leading to the viewing platform of Dafengkou , It's closed every night by the police on duty . That night , Police officer Teisa with colleagues , lock Honolulu Behind the first gate in the direction , Drive to Kaneohe The second gate to the direction .

Right now , A woman in a white dress , Under the light of the car, the shadow is on the side of the road .Teisa I want to stop and ask why , But suddenly found the white skirt woman , Sitting quietly in the back seat of her police car .

Through the rearview mirror , A kind of creepy weirdness made her shudder , But her excellent psychological quality calmed her down immediately . She remembered her grandmother's teaching , Encounter such a supernatural phenomenon , You have to stay calm , Try to communicate .

therefore , Yingyun learned from his grandmother Ho'oponopono Ancient method , I've been talking to the white lady in the back seat , But the woman said nothing .

Quick lock Pali Lookout Behind the second door of , Police officer Teisa continued : I'm sorry ! I don't have anything for you right now . Excuse me ! Locking the door is what I have to do . Thank you ! I'm going to drive through the tunnel , I can't take you to Kailua. I love you! ! I hope you are safe and lucky .

After saying these things , She looked up again in the rearview mirror , The woman in the white dress is gone . Two

Honolulu more than 100 years ago , Transportation is not as convenient as it is today . At that time Pali Lookout The observation deck , Only the carriage to and from the direction of Kailua must be carried by the post station . Because the terrain is dangerous , Debris flow and landslides often occur .

Local people think , King Kamehameha I fought here , force 700 The warrior fell to the cliff and died . therefore , When the warriors die, they become ghosts , If anyone passes by with cooked pork , It will bring disaster .

For the sake of peace , At that time, the Chinese used traditional Taoist methods to drive away evil spirits . It is said that every year on the 30th night of the lunar calendar , Chinese will lead a yellow dog to Pali Mountaintop . After midnight , Use dog's blood to spray on the Yellow mounted rune , Make the whip ring , Make the yellow dog bark . such , The fierce ghost is far away , Be afraid of harshness Pali The road has been safe for a year .

Today, Pali The ancient road has long been abandoned , The new road runs through the caves , Connect the center of Honolulu with cities and towns like Kailua . On the eve of the 30th lunar month , No more yellowdog barking , But I'm afraid of being sharp Pali The legend of not taking pork on the road has never stopped .

5/14/2021 Written in Honolulu, Hawaii on the evening of Waikiki

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