Beautiful murals of campus peace
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Two container murals at Jefferson School in Honolulu , Placed on the edge of the net wall of the campus plant planting area . Maybe it's the childlike innocence recently , Two beautiful peace paintings on campus , I've made myself childlike , And Tong yanwuji wrote an article 《 Diamond Head Mountain painting body reclining Buddha 》 My little article .

I found another one today 《 peace 》 Painting , Lan Tian 、 White clouds 、 hills , flower , Give people the visual impression of happiness and peace . Especially the white clouds , In Chinese 、 Spanish 、 Korean 、 The Arabic language 、 And Japanese, etc “ peace ”, It contains the author's wish and blessing for world peace .

At this time , hold 《 Diamond Head Mountain painting body lying body 》 And 《 peace 》 The two paintings are connected . The Buddha is 《 lotus sutra 》 What's shown in , For the present :

“ For example, three thousand worlds , Flowers, trees, forests and herbs from the land of mountains, rivers and valleys , There are several kinds , Different names and colors . It's all over the place , All over the world , Just a moment , Qizepcha . Flowers, trees, forests and herbs , Small roots, small stems 、 Branchlets and leaflets , Middle root, middle stem 、 Middle branch and middle leaf , Big roots, big stems 、 Big branches, big leaves , The size of the trees , With the top, the middle and the bottom of each subject .”

Peace is regardless of the size of the country 、 Skin color difference 、 Race, gender 、 Language, religion, etc , The common aspiration of human beings . Buddha is the messenger of world peace , More than 2500 years ago , With compassion 、 Wisdom resolved the war between mojitha and his neighbors , We have also settled the dispute over irrigation canals . Even sitting under a Sheyi tree without branches and leaves , Moved the king of Liuli with great kindness and fearlessness , So that a brutal killing was defused .

《 peace 》 The rising sun in the mural , Full of wishes for peace . Highlighted English :“Peace ” And Hawaiian :“Maluhia”, It also expresses the wish for peace . A famous song played and sung by ukulele 《Maluhia· Peace and peace 》, That beautiful and light melody , It fully shows Hawaiians' love and praise for peace .

I don't know 《 peace 》 The creator of the mural intended to , Or natural coincidence , The aloe in the painting and the aloe on the ground are ingenious “ growth ” together , This fusion of ideal and reality , It's really amazing ! The pride of flowers , Can't do without sunshine and rain . A peaceful environment , It's the root of all good things .

Two container murals at Jefferson School in Honolulu , Take the Hawaiian mountains as an example 、 marine organism 、 Natural environment, etc , Perfect interpretation of the classic style of paradise on earth . The creator put 《 Diamond Head Mountain painting body reclining Buddha 》 And 《 peace 》 The theme of , It is a pure land where all good things return together , The art of showing love and wisdom for children's education , It's really a beautiful mural on campus .

Maybe this article is different from the meaning of the mural creator , But art needs to be understood from different perspectives . Sometimes , Just as Zen master said :“ It seems that one thing is out of place .”《 Diamond Head Mountain painting body reclining Buddha 》 And 《 peace 》 The contents of the two murals , I just want to express my personal view . Only wish the world : Peace is always there . Our admiration , To the Buddha .

5/15/2021 Written in Honolulu, Hawaii in the morning of Waikiki

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