Rainbow moon over Hawaii
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Thirty days and nights of loving care , Sister rainbow is full moon . from 《 First, it's so beautiful 》 Start , Ji Nen's little face , One by one, the embryo of beauty is transformed . Big eyes , Long eyebrows , Black hair , And the sweet smile after eating and drinking .

Sister rainbow , It's a mother's nickname for her daughter who was born in Honolulu . because , The best rainbow on earth is Hawaii , My daughter is the most beautiful scenery in my mother's heart . In Hawaiian mythology , The rainbow is a symbol of change , It's the gateway between the earth and heaven .

The Hawaiian Islands are remote , The air is extraordinarily clean , No pollution 、 Continental dust and pollen . And the trade wind 、 mountains 、 Weather factors such as shower , Make the rainbow full spectrum color , Become the best place on earth to experience the wonders of the rainbow .

Hawaii grounding rainbow 、 Upright rainbow 、 Moon rainbow and other rich forms , It's the most spectacular optical phenomenon in nature . therefore , Hawaii is known as the rainbow capital of the world , Even the nickname of Lianzhou , Also known as the rainbow state .

Rainbow Sister's nickname , It must be like a rainbow state , There's a cultural connotation of Hawaii , And my mother's expectation of my daughter's future . According to research from the University of Hawaii , If you're interested in chasing rainbows , Pay attention to the angle of the sun , Above the horizon is no higher than 38 degree , That's the right direction .

To say that this Rainbow sister is destined to be born in Honolulu . My mother tossed about several times in her late pregnancy , It's like coming to Hawaii . When you decide to fly , On the contrary, sister rainbow is a good match , Until the wish comes true . Hawaii naturally became her “ Place of Origin ”, Is the cause of this , There are also the mysteries of the past and the present .

Sister rainbow is full moon , Mom's smile is on her face , Early video call with Dad , Brother also came to join in the fun , Grandma is naturally happy . What a happy family ! However , Behind this warm picture , I don't know how many touching efforts there are .

My mother's hard experience of pregnancy in October , My father's thoughts after finishing the task , And that respectable grandmother , In order to take care of sister rainbow , It's isolated in Singapore 14 Days later , Nucleic acid test negative , They fly to Hawaii via Japan . Family love is an irresistible force in the Pacific .

May in Hawaii , Rainbow after wind and rain , Still as glamorous as hymns and legends . Looking at the sleeping Rainbow Sister in the cradle , It's like seeing the posture of her future Tingting Yuli . I silently offer my best wishes to sister rainbow : Healthy and happy 、 Pepsi Heshun . concious of a kindness and acknowledging a duty to repay it , All good deeds follow .

Full moon , It's a sign of Rainbow Sister growing up . Hawaii is a Rainbow Paradise . At breakfast , The cool cloud top of space is raining in the morning , Make rainbows . Before sunset , The highest rainbow will rise in the East . We sincerely wish sister rainbow's life , It's like a rainbow in Hawaii , dazzling .

Last , Make a red envelope of Liuliu Dashun , I wish sister Rainbow a happy new moon , A lot of good fortune . The future of life , everything is going smoothly , Peace and good luck !

5/16/2021 Written in Honolulu, Hawaii in the morning of Waikiki

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