Love to see Mr. Jiang's Poems
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the night before last , I see Mr. Lin, a fool, writing an article every day these days , He took part in Qinxue . Mr. Shanren's essay 《 Year after year 》, For two days in a row, the director also praised it , I feel greedy after watching it .

I asked him in the group :“ The older or the wiser , Cold also a day wrote 2000 More than words , You are tired of writing so long ?

He said :“ I'm not tired , Write and play , Go to the river , Sitting by the river can also write ”.

ask :“ You baby don't make noise, you hold , You can write even if it's noisy , It's a deep foundation .

He replied :“ No , Lead him to play , In the evening I wrote about his reading .” Later, the fool teacher sent some pictures of baby reading , Look, he's crazy about reading , It's very skilful , It's not like playing with books at all .”

I asked :“ It's like , Such a good baby, more appreciation .” The fool said :“ Really , He said he wanted to see poetry , Let's turn to Mr. Jiang's poetry collection , I'll send it tomorrow .”

Yesterday, I worked overtime to record the national census , No lunch break , It's being revised in the evening 《 Love to heart breaking 》 This love story , I don't have time to go to the island to read your articles .

Later in the group asked the fool teacher :“ Yesterday you said that the photo of Mr. Jiang's poetry collection was sent to the island , As if I didn't see . If you don't send it, I'll send it , President Jiang must be very happy to see , Even the baby knows how to read his books , He was more diligent in writing .”

The fool said :“ Yes , You don't see .” complex :“ You're not good at photography , We should learn some skills , Sun Tzu is so cute. It's so ordinary for you .” He said in the light , No beauty .

Teacher fool wrote about this grandson in Jane's book :“ During the epidemic period, Shanghai should be isolated , You can't go out , The baby stays at home for two months , I'm tired of playing with any toys , My young heart has been repressed for too long , I'm eager to go out and have a look .”

In fact, one or two year olds , There's also a certain amount of thinking , They are curious about the outside world , I asked my grandfather to take him to the park a few days ago , Not going home yet .

When I see the stupid teacher write :” Grandson yells in grandma's arms :“NO,NO, Put me down , Put me down .” I couldn't help laughing , These sentences are very true , It's so picturesque .

It's a child's nature to play , When my son was so old, he liked to take the car in front of the mall , Every time I sit down, I refuse to come down , And told me to take him to KFC once a day .

The fool said grandson has a good memory , Very clever , I can read more than ten Tang poems . I think the child has a full face , The facial features are very correct , At first glance, he is a person with intelligent thinking , When I was young, I was clamoring to see the poem written by Mr. Jiang , It's very promising !

Ha ha ha , This baby is so cute , At the age of two, I knew how to read Mr. Jiang's poems , very , He has been influenced by the stupid teachers who love writing since he was a child , Under my grandfather's words and deeds , It's possible to be a writer when you grow up !

The baby is reading Mr. Jiang's poem

Baby's face is full , He must be very intelligent .

The lotus flower on the cover of Miss Jiang's poetry collection , He's obsessed with it .

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