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Mobile photography 2021-06-04 10:13:24

Sea fog

It was taken when the sea was foggy , The ship and the mountain are in the haze , It's very beautiful , It reminds me of the scene of the grass boat borrowing arrows in the Three Kingdoms

Reef , ship , people

Climb the rocks on the Shanghai side , See the boat in the distance , Let my friend shoot me and the boat on the same horizontal line , Let's see what's interesting , The result is very satisfactory , There is an inexplicable beauty in the texture of the reef , When you see people and ships , I think it's very interesting .

The setting sun by the sea

My hometown is by the sea , You can see the afterglow of the setting sun before summer , I'm not tired of watching the sunset on the beach , Every time it's different .

It's a fascinating moment , How can we not write it down

Abandoned toy dog

This picture was taken a year ago , In a new seaside resort , There are a lot of people on the beach , It's very lively , All of a sudden, I saw this toy dog coming up from the sea , It's all alone and nobody cares , From toys to children , An abandoned toy , Like a lonely child abandoned , A feeling of loneliness . The people who come and go behind it seem that no one is lonely

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