Java Output stream FileOutputStream The use of,

I've explained how to apply the input stream FileInputStream Reading data from a local file . This section describes the application output stream FileOutputStream Write data to a local file .

use FileOutputStream The writing process is as follows :

Use FileOutputStream The process of writing a file is the same as using FileInputStream The process is the same , It's all used first File Class to open a local file , Instantiate input and output streams , Then the read and write method of the stream is called to read or write data , Finally, close the flow .

FileOutputStream Construction method of

FileOutputStream Provides 4 A common construction method , Used to instantiate FileOutputStream object , Different scenes use different construction methods .

scene 1: Use File Object to open a local file , Read data from file .

scene 2: Don't use File object , Pass in the file path directly .

FileOutputStream The construction method of allows you to pass in the file path directly , Instead of using File object . View the source code of the constructor , It uses... Internally File Object to open the file .

scene 3: Open file , Add write data at the end of the file .

The scenario requires writing data at the end of the file , Since the first two constructors are both files, start writing data ( Overwrite the original file ), So you can't use the front 2 The constructor of a scene .FileOutputStream Two other construction methods are provided , Namely :

FileOutputStream(File file, boolean append);

FileOutputStream(String name, boolean append);

Compared with the previous construction method , One more of these two construction methods boolean Parameters append.append Parameter is true when , Data is written from the end of the file ;append Parameter is false when , Data overlay the original file .

FileOutputStream Write method of

FileOutputStream Class provides a variety of file writing methods , You can write a single byte to a file , You can also write a byte Array to file , Can also take byte Part of the data of the array is written to a file .

example 1: Use write(int b) Method write file .

The example program first calls File Class createNewFile() establish new.txt file , And then str The content is written to the newly created new.txt In file .

example 2: Use write(byte[] b) Method write file .

write(byte[] b) Method is used to b.length Bytes from the specified byte Array is written to the output stream .

String Class getBytes() Method to convert a string to byte Array , Use FileOutputStream Class write(byte[] b) Method , Will be transformed byte Array write to file .

example 3: Use write(byte[] b,int off,int len) Method write file .

This method will len Bytes of data , And from the array b Of off Position starts writing to the output stream .

The program puts the specified str Write content to a file ,fos.write(str.getBytes(),5,10) The first argument to the statement is byte Array , The second parameter 5 It's from byte Index of the array 5 Start , The third parameter is the number of bytes written . After the program is executed , The content written is “is new file”.

When using this method, we must pay attention to the problem of array out of bounds . for example ,byte The array length is 20, From the second subscript 12 Start , write in 15 Bytes to file , It will cause the array to go out of bounds , Application error .

example 4: Use FileOutputStream Copy file

Copying a file is writing data from the source file to a new file , In actual programming , There are many ways to copy files , Use in this case FileInputStream and FileOutputStream Realize file copying .

In code copyFile Finish copying the file , Before copying , First determine whether the source file exists , Then apply for a byte Array , Used to store read source file data , The size of the array is the same as the total number of bytes in the source file , After successful reading , Then write the contents of the array to the target file . The output of the program is shown in the figure below :

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Use FileOutputStream Stream can write byte data to the target file ,FileOutputStream Provides single byte write and byte There are two ways to write arrays . It is recommended to use byte Array write , Store the data to be written in a byte Array , Then write to the file . When the written file already exists , You need to indicate whether the write method is overlay or append .

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