Principles of Computer Organization 4.3 basic concepts of ISC and RISC
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4.3.1 Complex command system computer CISC(Complex Instruction Set Computer) CISC An introduction to the

Full name Complex Instructions Set Computer, Complex instruction system computers such as X86 Architecturally PC, Desktop computer , use “ Storage program ” Thought , That is to store a basic instruction in a certain place , When implementing complex instructions , You can use the basic instructions that have been stored , This stored instruction is called Microprograms . For complex instructions , It is usually accomplished with a more general circuit and a microprogram of the storage unit . CISC Characteristics :

(1) The instruction system is complex and huge , The number of instructions is usually in 200 More than .(2) The length of the instruction is not fixed , Multiple instruction formats , Multiple addressing modes .(3) Instructions that can access memory are not limited .(4) The use frequency of various instructions varies greatly .(5) The execution time of various instructions varies greatly , Most instructions require multiple clock cycles .(6) Most of the controllers are controlled by microprogram , Some of the instructions are complex , So hard wired control is not available .(7) It is difficult to generate efficient object code with optimized compilation .

4.3.2 Reduced instruction system computer RISC(Reduce Instruction Set Computer) RISC An introduction to the

Full name Reduce Instruction Set Computer, For a reduced instruction system computer such as ARM Mobile phone with architecture , The tablet , One command completes one basic action , Multiple complex basic instructions complete complex basic functions .RISC, The instructions are simpler , One instruction corresponds to one circuit , So the circuit design is simple , Lower power consumption . Again because RISIC The instructions are simple , So all instructions have similar execution times , May adopt “ parallel ” and “ Assembly line ” Technology .

4.3.3 About CISC and RISC Comparison

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