Use of resources

1 Resource file

Icon cursor character string menu   Accelerator key Dialog resource bitmap and so on

Resource script file - extension RC file Defines information such as resources and related documents

Resource compiler - RC.exe

2 Icon resources ICON

2.1  Several sizes that are often used : 16x16 ,32x32, 48x48

2.2 Use

HICON LoadIcon(
hInstance, // handle to application instance
LPCTSTR lpIconName // name string or resource identifier

2.3 Icons provided by the system

hInstance It's empty , The wife IconName System icon defined for

2.4 Draw your own icons

hInstance Handle to the application instance where the icon is located

2.5 An icon file can contain multiple sizes Icons in different colors , When the system uses icons . Match by size

3 cursor resource

3.1 cursor resource

hotspot Hotspot - 16x16 Can generate mouse click position

3.2 Use

HCURSOR LoadCursor(

HINSTANCE hInstance,

LPCTSTR lpCursorName )

3.3 System cursor

hInstance It's empty lpCursorName Designated as the system cursor ID Can

3.4 Self drawn cursor

hInstance Not empty


When the mouse is in the form, it will produce Can change the mouse style in the process of running the program

WParam - Form handle

LOWORD(lParam)     Identification of the location

HIWORD(lParam)   Mouse message ID

4 String resource

4.1 Resources that include strings

4.2 Use

int LoadString(
hInstance, // A handle to a program that holds string resources
UINT uID, // resources ID
LPTSTR lpBuffer, // To store strings BUFFER
int nBufferMax // Buffer Size

5 Menu resources

5.1 Add menu resources

5.2 Load menu resources

 HMENU LoadMenu(
hInstance, // handle to module
LPCTSTR lpMenuName // menu name or resource identifier

5.3 Command processing

Use the added menu ID The macro , stay WM_COMMAND In the news , Handle menu commands

6   Accelerator resources

6.1 The accelerator function

Be able to use the accelerator to run commands . such as Ctrl+S Save

6.2 Accelerator resources are added

6.3 Use of accelerator keys

6.3.1 load

HACCEL LoadAccelerators(
hInstance, // handle to module
LPCTSTR lpTableName // accelerator table name

6.3.2 Add message processing

int TranslateAccelerator(
hWnd, // Form handle
HACCEL hAccTable, // Handle to accelerator table
LPMSG lpMsg // MSG Address of structure

6.4 Message about Accelerator

TraslateAccelerator take WM_KEYDOWN perhaps WM_SYSKEYDOWN Translate into WM_COMMAND perhaps WM_SYSCOMMAND news .

When I received KEYDOWN perhaps SYSKEYDOWN According to the buttons and commands in the accelerator table ID The corresponding relationship between Find the appropriate command ID, And then call

Window processing function , function WM_COMMAND News or SYSCOMMAND news .

When the corresponding command is found ID And after running ,TraslateAccelerator Return nonzero . Then you don't run the possible processing , The message loop waits for the next message .

Otherwise, continue to let... In the message loop TraslateMessage and DispatchMessage Handle

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