One 、 team introduction

Team products VPlayer Players grow by themselves  3 Within the year, it won the global 4000 Million users , Developed Vitamio Component is to get microblog 、UC、 Jinshan and other well-known enterprises are authorized to use .—— The team set sail again , After more than a year, we have gained 6 Million users , And get 150+400 $10000 financing ( Current valuation 2000 Thousands of dollars )

Two 、 Project introduction

Our products are mainly for overseas users , Support Britain 、 Russia 、 Brazil, Portugal and other languages , 75 % Less than 18 year , live broadcast Minecraft 、Clash Royale Such games .

Shou Viewing terminal (AppStore

* Swift + Objective - C  zlc ,95% Of Swift Code , The minimum support iOS 8 +

* The project adapts at the same time iPhone and iPad, With Storyboard AutoLayout The adaptation interface is the main one ,Masonry Supplemented ( Less adaptation code )

* Support iOS 9 Of Multitasking(Picture in Picture、Slide Over、Split View), Support  Spotlight

* player AVPlayer + MPMoviePlayerController

* Social category ranking :iPhone: The United States 80 / Russia 90 / Japan 77 / Brazil 70 / Taiwan 73 iPad: The United States 25 / Russia 17 / Japan 18 / Brazil 16 / Taiwan 10  (2015 year 5 month 14 Japan App Annie data )

Shou Recording terminal ( Prison break version / Non prison break version )

* Objective - C

*  Prison break version supports iOS 7 + Prison break equipment ( contain iOS 9)

* Non prison break version supports iOS 7 ~ iOS 8.4 (iOS 9 It is recommended that AirShou)

AirShou( stay iPhone/iPad On the use of Safari open

iOS 9/10 No prison break screen / live broadcast App, It's the industry's first . Interface logic is mainly used Swift Written .

3、 ... and 、 treatment

Five social insurance and one housing fund 、 snacks 、 Flexible work 、 Travel abroad every year ( Last year Thailand 、 This year America 、 Next year, ?)、 Lunch

15 - 30 K + option

Support the purchase of genuine software 、 Support employees to participate in local activities Android/iOS Developer conference ( Reimbursement )

~~~ I think reliable teams are more important than the above

Four 、 requirement

* rich Swift Development experience

* Have a lot of AutoLayout + SizeClasses Experience

*  We also use some common libraries : AFNetworking、SDWebImage、FMDB、GPUImage、JSONModel , But I hope you know more about these libraries , For example, read the source code , Let's see how it works .

* I hope you're enthusiastic about new technology ,iOS 10、iOS 9 、iOS 8 Some of the new features, such as a rare understanding of

* Bonus points : Experience in prison break development

* Bonus points : understand ffmpeg , Experience in audio and video development

The team is relatively new , It's also highly recommended Apple Recommended way to achieve the function .

5、 ... and 、 other

Contact information

The company address : Futong West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing Wangjing SOHO   tower 1  A seat 1807

------------------------- twitter --------------------------

Don't worry , The products of the team are very technical ; There are also a lot of outstanding options ; Join immediately to become iOS The man of development 1 Number ; We use it Gitlab + Slack; Small team , Technology is not available now 10 people , Need to recruit 2 name iOS Development .

Shou The team is sincere in recruiting Swifter More articles about

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