On the unity of knowledge and action
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Unity of ( Chinese vocabulary ), It was put forward by Wang Shouren, a thinker of Ming Dynasty , That is to know the truth of things and use it in reality , It's inseparable . Knowledge means conscience , Action refers to human practice , The unity of knowledge and action , It's not to swallow with knowledge , I think knowing is doing , It's not about swallowing knowledge with action , I think that action is knowledge ; It is a proposition of epistemology and practice in ancient Chinese philosophy , It's mainly about moral cultivation 、 Moral practice .

Wang Shouren's theory of unity of knowledge and action is aimed at Zhu Xi , It's also different from Lu Jiuyuan . Both Zhu and Lu advocated that knowledge comes first and then . Wang Shouren is against dividing knowledge and action into two parts , I advocate seeking truth from my heart .

Mr. Wang Shouren believes that everyone has a conscience in his heart ( Good cognition ), For example, filial piety to parents is a natural thing , Seeing a child fall into the river, I was born to know that I was going to save people and so on , You don't have to go outside to learn how to do things like that , These should be human nature , Innate conscience .
Then why do some people not know filial service , Seeing the child fall into the river, I don't want to save people but run away , Mr. Wang Shouren said that these people were blinded by their conscience , Many times, they are unwilling to accept the guidance of conscience and run counter to it , Over time, these people show such behavior .

Mr. Wang Shouren said that we should strive to accept the guidance of conscience , To practice the path of conscience , As time goes by, you get closer and closer to the saint , On the contrary, you will become more and more degenerate , It's getting harder and harder , Just like many people in the world always say that they are very tired and have a bad life .

Unity of quintessence :
No good, no disgusting body , There are good and evil actions . To know good and to know evil is conscience , To do good and to do evil is a good thing
What is it “ Objects ”, Things here are often misinterpreted , Modern people understand things by studying the principles of things so as to acquire knowledge . This is not the original meaning of the word made by the ancients , This kind of wrong cognition has been criticized by the master of light printing . The so-called "Ge Wu" is to eliminate material desires , People have selfish and material desires , You can't get the right insight .

My personal analysis :
Whether it's Wang Shouren's unity of knowledge and action or Zhu Lu's idea that knowledge comes first and then , Just a word :
Don't do any bad thing no matter how insignificant it looks , There is no doubt that good is small but not good

It's easier said than done , The way to cultivate one's mind is like the way to lose weight and quit smoking .

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