Custom icon

iconCls Enumeration of all property values :

icon-add icon-print icon-mini-add icon-cvs icon-play icon-refresh
icon-edit icon-help icon-mini-edit icon-pencil    
icon-remove icon-undo icon-mini-refresh      
icon-save icon-redo        
icon-cut icon-back        
icon-ok icon-sum        
icon-no icon-tip        
icon-cancel icon-filter        
icon-reload icon-blank        

If you want to customize the icon , Can be in icon.css in , Just follow the example , as follows :

background:url('icons/clear.png') no-repeat center center;
background:url('icons/edit_remove.png') no-repeat center center;
Customize :
background:url('icons/usotme.png') no-repeat center center;
Reference resources :
Online modification is also available , You can refer to
The government provided all the information theme, in general material Closest to the flat style now , As long as the icon is changed, it is basically feasible as follows :

Select line by operation
datagrid Gets the id And unselected rows , May refer to :
datagrid Of reload And query parameters adopt
queryParams You can set datagrid The query parameters of , But every time reload When ,queryParams Will be emptied , So every time reload Before you get back , as follows :
$("#list_data").datagrid("options").queryParams = getParams();
$("#list_data").datagrid("reload"); datagrid Center the title , Column left or right
{ field: 'Name', title: ' Constraint name ', width: 80, align: 'left', halign: 'center', },

among align:'left' Control content on the left , halign: 'center' Control Title Center .

datagrid Complex header

frozenColumns: [[
{ title: ' type ', field: 'regionname', width: 100, align:"center"}
[{"title":" Total receivables ","colspan":4},
{"title":" Total payable ","colspan":4}],
[{"field":"uname0","title":" Stroke number ","rowspan":1,"width":150, halign: 'center', align:"right"},
{"field":"config_gender1","title":" receivable ","rowspan":1,"width":150, halign: 'center', align:"right"},
{"field":"config_gender2","title":" Received ","rowspan":1,"width":150, halign: 'center', align:"right"},
{"field":"config_gender2","title":" Uncollected ","rowspan":1,"width":150, halign: 'center', align:"right"},
{"field":"config_datatype0","title":" Stroke number ","rowspan":1,"width":150, halign: 'center', align:"right"},
{"field":"config_datatype1","title":" To cope with ","rowspan":1,"width":150, halign: 'center', align:"right"},
{"field":"config_datatype2","title":" Paid ","rowspan":1,"width":150, halign: 'center', align:"right"},
{"field":"config_datatype2","title":" Unpaid ","rowspan":1,"width":150, halign: 'center', align:"right"}]

datetimepicker Adjust the date

bootstrap datetimepicker It does not provide the interface setting time , If you need to set , It can be directly to input Set up value, as follows :

function setLastWeek() {
var sysdate = getSysdate();
var sevenDaysAgo = addDays(sysdate,-7);
} function setLastMonth() {
var sysdate = getSysdate();
var sevenDaysAgo = addDays(sysdate,-30);
* Gets the current date and time Format “yyyy-MM-dd HH:MM:SS”
* @returns {string}
function getSysdate() {
var date = new Date();
var seperator1 = "-";
var seperator2 = ":";
var month = date.getMonth() + 1;
var strDate = date.getDate();
if (month >= 1 && month <= 9) {
month = "0" + month;
if (strDate >= 0 && strDate <= 9) {
strDate = "0" + strDate;
var sysdate = date.getFullYear() + seperator1 + month + seperator1 + strDate;
return sysdate;
} function addDays(date,days){
var d=new Date(date);
var month=d.getMonth()+1;
var day = d.getDate();
month = "0"+month;
day = "0"+day;
var val = d.getFullYear()+"-"+month+"-"+day;
return val;

Javascript newspaper uncaught typeerror illegal invocation error

In use ajax When passing values to the background, an object is passed as a parameter , That's why we report this mistake .

function getParams() {
var param = {"operatorName":$("#operatorName"),"roleName":$("#roleName")};
return param;
} install c-lodop after ,c-lodop web Print newspaper “PRINT_INIT is not a function”.
Google 45 No longer supported after version np Plug in features , Including fox 64 Bit and edge browser , No longer support , Causes control mode to fail to run .lodop The company launched a new product c-lodop, compatible lodop Grammar and function , After upgrading It can run normally .
You can use the following :
<script src='http://localhost:8000/CLodopfuncs.js'></script>

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
window.setTimeout(function() {
var strHTML=document.getElementsByTagName("html")[0].innerHTML;
LODOP.PRINT_INITA(1,1,770,660," Test preview function ");
LODOP.ADD_PRINT_TEXT(10,60,300,200," This is the plain text of the test , Here's hypertext :");

Be sure to wait websocket After the connection is called , Otherwise, it will prompt websocket Not ready .

ajax In request contentType:"application/json;charset=utf-8"  The meaning of ( Because we will http Redirect to https After some post Exception in request , By increasing the contentType:"application/json;charset=utf-8" After the solution ), Use the browser to enter url There is no way to define Content-Type, therefore spring Can't find request body.@RequestBody All request parameters need to be taken as json analysis , therefore , Can not contain key=value This way of writing is asking for url in , All request parameters are one json, Need to use ajax Submit . as follows :

data: JSON.stringify({"id":"id0003","name":"name0003"}),
$("request-process-patent").html("fail to post");
@RequestMapping(value="/aaa",method= RequestMethod.POST)
public JsonResult userMgr(@RequestBody Map<String,String> map){
String id=map.get("id");
String name=map.get("name");
@RequestMapping(value="/bbb",method= RequestMethod.POST)
public JsonResult usrAdmin(@RequestParam String id, @RequestParam String name){"assetIssue parameters:"+ id+":"+name);
} @RequestMapping(value="/bbb",method= RequestMethod.POST)
public JsonResult usrAdmin(MyObject param){"assetIssue parameters:"+":"+;

For complex objects ( Objects nesting objects ), Use MyObject It won't be able to inject , newspaper org.springframework.http.converter.HttpMessageNotReadableException: Could not read document: Can not deserialize instance of . The service side with string Accept , Client side usage JSON.stringify Pass on json character string .

javascript in $(function() {});

javascript in $(function() {....})  yes jQuery The classic usage of , Equate to  $(document).ready(function() {....}), That is, a function is executed after the page is loaded , If you want to operate in a function DOM, It's safer to execute after the page is loaded , So it's using jQuery It's very common to write like this .

(function(){})() Represents the immediate execution of an anonymous method
It's usually used to isolate from the outside world   Create a closure like environment Create a scope chain Avoid variable conflicts .

ES 6 New characteristics

ES6 The module has two main functions :export and import ( But mainstream browsers like chrome/ie Don't support )

export Used to output this module to the outside ( A file can be understood as a module ) The interface of variables

import Used to load another containing... In one module export Interface module .

ES6 There are two new features in :let and const, In order to understand let, We need to remember var Is to create variables for the lifetime of the function .

Unlike Java Or other languages , Any variable in JS Is created within a function , It will be upgraded to the outside of the function , No matter where you define variables , It's all the same as what you defined at the top of the function , This behavior is called hoisting.

let It's in a block of code , Variable names can only be visible in code blocks .

summary :var yes function-scoped, and let yes block-scoped.

const Is to create constants using , Once created, it will never be conceptualized , as follows :

const SERVER_URL = ""

ES6 There are other new features :Map, WeakMap, generators and Proxies

So when can I use ES6 These characteristics ? See the website below :

npm WARN enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\Program Files\nodejs \package.json'

stay node.js Install micro blog under the installation directory 、 frame express

There are some problems

The way to solve the problem is in C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules Of npm Install under Directory .

install webpack A warning : fsevents@^1.0.0 (node_modules\chokidar\node_modules\fsevents):


The warnings are as follows :

npm WARN optional SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: fsevents@^1.0.0 (node_modules\chokidar\node_modules\fsevents):
npm WARN notsup SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: Unsupported platform for fsevents@1.0.17: wanted {"os":"darwin","arch":"any"} (current: {"os":"win32","arch":"x64"})
npm WARN vue-loader-demo@1.0.0 No description
npm WARN vue-loader-demo@1.0.0 No repository field.

The reason is because : fsevent yes mac osx Systematic , stay win perhaps Linux Under the use of So there's a warning , Can be ignored . It means that you have installed it successfully . Piss me off , I always thought there was something wrong

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