At present, online about solr6.+ There are few installation tutorials for , There are some 6.0 The previous tutorial applies to 6.+ There are a lot of problems in the version of , So I specially sorted out this article , Hope to give you some help !

Rarely write articles , If there is something wrong , Also hope to give more guidance .

One 、window Environmental Science

solr 6.6.0  Download address

jdk 1.8    tomcat 8.0

This machine tomcat Environmental Science :E:\Java\tomcat\apache-tomcat-8.0.26-windows-x64\webapps

Native decompression path :E:\Java\components\solr-6.6.0

Two 、 Deploy solr

Because I learn to use in a local environment , So download window Version of zip package

1, First, make sure that jdk 、tomcat、 And downloaded

2, take decompression , find E:\Java\components\solr-6.6.0\server\solr-webapp\webapp, And will webapp Copy folder to tomcat Of webapps Next , And changed its name to solr( It can be any name )

3, Copy solr-6.6.0\server\lib\ext Under the jar Package to tomcat Under the webapps\solr\WEB-INF\lib Under the path

   Copy solr-6.6.0\dist  Under the solr-dataimporthandler-6.6.0.jar、solr-dataimporthandler-extras-6.6.0.jar  Package to tomcat Under the webapps\solr\WEB-INF\lib Under the path

Copy solr-6.6.0\server\lib Under the metrics At the beginning 5 individual jar To tomcat Under the webapps\solr\WEB-INF\lib Under the path


4, Copy solr-6.6.0\server\ The next path solr Put the contents of the folder in a non Chinese directory , My own catalog (D:\solr-home)

5, modify tomcat Under the webapps\solr\WEB-INF\web.xml, To specify the solr/home

Search for :


take /put/your/solr/home/here Change it to your own solrhome route (D:\solr-home)

6, stay tomcat Of webapps\solr\WEB-INF Create under path classes Folder , And then solr-6.6.0\server\resources Under folder Copy the past

7, Remove authority , Or visit solr There will be an unauthorized error , open webapps\solr\WEB-INF\web.xml, find 168 That's ok ( My environment is this line number ), Add notes

for example :

<web-resource-name>Disable TRACE</web-resource-name>
<web-resource-name>Enable everything but TRACE</web-resource-name>

8, start-up tomcat, Enter the address in the browser :

Only this and nothing more ,solr Set up

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