Enterprise e-procurement management system solutions: big data technology to achieve intelligent e-procurement system

In order to cater to the diversified purchasing of enterprises in various industries 、 technological process 、 Management and other needs pain points , Today's e-procurement platform needs to be able to realize the simultaneous operation of multiple departments in the same system platform 、 Share purchasing business , Have the ability to support multiple legal persons 、 Multiple demand units 、 Multiple purchasing organizations 、 Purchasing in multiple locations , Achieve efficient group procurement 、 Sunshine purchase 、 The goal of centralized management .

E-procurement platform It is a proprietary e-commerce platform for enterprises , Integrated application with enterprise supply chain information system , Achieve collaboration between the top and the bottom 、 Internal and external coordination 、 Integrated materials 、 to subcontract 、 Service procurement management mode . Help enterprises refine the source management of purchasing demand , Strengthen bidding 、 Bidding price 、 inquiry 、 Monitoring in competitive negotiation process , Choose excellent suppliers , Rapid response to the needs of production, operation and procurement . meanwhile , E-procurement platform can effectively break through the information barriers between supply chain enterprises , Strengthen communication, collaboration and information sharing among enterprises , Improve the efficiency of supply chain operation through process optimization , Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises .

What can e-procurement system do for business upgrading and transformation ?

Electronic management system procurement Process 、 Solarization 、 Promotion of information technology 、 professional , Build a sunshine centered on internal and external customers 、 Efficient 、 Continuous innovation of the group's non production procurement management benchmarking system , Ensure the smooth development of the main business , Among them, informatization is an effective way to realize the sunshine and solidification of purchasing process , It is the key application tool to realize the strategic vision of purchasing .

Through supplier collaboration , Precise purchasing plan 、 Delivery plan , Through the docking of e-procurement management system, it can realize the supplier direct sending function and mobile operation function after internal customer application , Improve purchasing and delivery cycle and reconciliation efficiency 、 Reduce inventory ; Through internal customer collaboration , Improve the effectiveness of purchasing information feedback 、 Reduce labor costs .

Through the unified platform organization and a / C set creation and adjustment 、 Replication and extension of application interface , Have the ability to quickly support organization adjustment 、 The management needs of purchasing system management change or promotion brought about by the incorporation of new organizations and organizational split or merger .

E-procurement system multi style functional management solutions

Material management

The e-procurement system supports unified 、 A structured 、 Extensible material code management system , Provide a complete material structure management process , Carry out professional and structured management for the materials of the enterprise , At the same time, it provides material drawing management related to material code 、 Alternative material management 、 Manufacturer material management 、 Available for BOM management 、 Equipment material management and other business support .

Supplier management

Supplier information is the basic information of enterprise e-procurement management , E-procurement system Provide a unified supplier management process , And dynamic and effective management of supplier team , Pass the supplier annual evaluation and daily assessment , To realize the mechanism of supplier survival of the fittest . Supplier management includes supplier basic information management 、 Supplier early warning management 、 Supplier daily assessment management 、 Annual supplier evaluation and other functions .

Purchasing sourcing management

In order to achieve strategic procurement , Sourcing management is based on the demand of price comparison . Through the source management module , Establish a standard sourcing system 、 Contract management system . Through price comparison 、 Standardization of the negotiation process 、 Standardization of contract management , To achieve the purpose of high integration of information technology . meanwhile , Sourcing management module should be able to quickly adapt to market changes , Improve procurement transparency , Saving procurement costs , Reduce procurement risk , Improve the efficiency of enterprise procurement , Standardize the purchasing process .

Purchasing execution management

Within the scope of supply of the existing procurement contract , Make purchase order according to valid purchase contract , It is convenient for the subsequent warehousing department to receive and store the information ; At the same time, record and file the quality objection occurred in the purchasing process , Easy to manage and analyze .

According to the demand 、 Inventory and in transit information , The purchasing salesman matches the effective purchase contract through the e-procurement platform system , Generate purchase order . Purchase orders flow automatically according to the predefined approval process and permissions , Complete effective approval . And record the actual execution of the purchase order into the supplier file , Provide data base for process analysis of supplier and purchasing management .

Purchase settlement management

Provide settlement application management , Match bills and business data ; Maintenance of settlement rules , Establish the relationship between business data and financial data ; Convert business data into financial data according to settlement rules , Financial management systems aside , Realize the integration with financial system . Mainly including payment for goods 、 The freight 、 Settlement of miscellaneous expenses and other expenses .

Customer revenue management

Enterprise procurement supply chain system Support multi organization and multi tenant management 、 Multi purchase mode 、 Multiple award strategies . At present, the e-procurement system separates the authority according to different procurement organizations , Supporting multi tenant management ensures data isolation among users ; The purchasing mode is divided into inviting trial inquiry and price comparison 、 Open inquiry and price comparison 、 Invite tenders 、 Open bidding 、 Centralized purchasing 、 Self service purchase ( Industrial supermarket ); Support the lowest unit price 、 The total price is the lowest 、 The comprehensive score is the highest 、 The highest unit price and other award strategies .

Purchasing material big data analysis and management

Cooperate with the business needs of entities in the supply chain purchasing system platform , Make the operation flow and supply chain information system closely cooperate , All links are seamless , Form Logistics 、 information flow 、 Document flow 、 Business flow and capital flow are the leading mode of five flows in one . Data information traceability management in the process of forming this process , Big data analysis of business data , Support management decisions .

Bid evaluation in other places 、 Approval management

E-procurement platform system has both internal and external network login , Experts conduct online bid evaluation through the Internet 、 The examination and approval . Bid evaluation in other places is more objective and fair , During the publicity period of bid evaluation results , Objection of the bidder or other interested parties to the bid evaluation results and the bid winning candidates 、 There has been a significant decrease in complaints , To create openness 、 fair 、 justice 、 honest 、 Trustworthy market environment has accumulated experience , In order to standardize the bidding behavior of engineering construction 、 Speed up the healthy development of bidding work 、 Maintaining market order has played an important role .

Build big data 、 Digitization 、 Intelligent e-procurement platform

be based on SaaS( Software as a service ) Software architecture design and virtual hardware platform support , Through the software rental mode of providing cloud services , Realize the data isolation between enterprises and the sharing of excellent commodity resources , Make the purchasing enterprise low cost , convenient 、 quick 、 Secure access system platform .

Big data technology , Achieve intelligent purchasing management analysis

adopt redis、JMS And so on , Realize the key data acquisition of multiple systems . adopt hadoop、hbase、hive、mongodb、memcached Build a three-tier big data analysis architecture , For the transaction information base 、 Supplier information base 、 Expert information database is divided into multiple dimensions of statistical analysis .

Metadata exchange technology , Realize the supply chain collaboration of enterprise procurement business

According to the established metadata model and transformation rules , Implementation of data processing and conversion engine , The future comes from different Purchasing system To integrate the metadata of , Realize the enterprise from purchasing demand 、 Purchase plan 、 Sourcing 、 The contract is signed 、 Contract execution is the collaborative work of enterprise procurement supply chain , In a collaborative supply chain, buyers and sellers coexist 、 Interactive value added relationship .

Digital certificate technology , Achieve the procurement of e-commerce platform security supporting system

adopt CA The password of the certification authority 、 Public key and electronic signature technology , Avoid the uncertainty of the subject of the transaction 、 Easy to tamper with the transmission of information and the transaction risk in the performance of payment , For the procurement of e-commerce platform to provide effective security technical support .

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