console object

console Object represents the JavaScript Console . Although it's not the standard yet , But all major browsers have native support , Has become the de facto standard .

console Objects have two main functions :

  • Display the error message when the web code is running .

  • Provides a command line interface , Used to interact with web code .

console There are many ways to interface to objects , Available for developers to call .


log Method is used in console Window display information .

If the parameter is a normal string ,log Method to display the string content in console window .

console.log("Hello World")
// Hello World console.log("a","b","c")
// a b c

If the parameter is a format string ( Format placeholders are used ),log Method to replace the placeholder with the following , Displayed in the console window .

console.log(" %s + %s = %s", 1, 1, 2)
// 1 + 1 = 2

Code above %s A placeholder for a string , Others are

  • %d, %i Integers
  • %f Floating point numbers
  • %o Links to objects
  • %c CSS Format string

log Method , Can be used in combination with .

console.log(" %s + %s ", 1, 1, "= 2")
// 1 + 1 = 2

console All methods of object , Can be covered . therefore , According to your own needs , Definition console.log Method .

["log", "warn", "error"].forEach(function(method) {
console[method] = console[method].bind(
new Date().toISOString()
}); console.log(" Something went wrong !");
// 2014-05-18T09:00.000Z Something went wrong !

The code above indicates , Use custom console.log Method , You can add the current time in the display results .


except log,console Object also has four ways to output information :

  • debug: Equate to log.

  • info: Equate to log.

  • warn: When outputting information , Add a yellow triangle to the front , A warning .

  • error: When outputting information , Add a red fork at the front , It means that something has gone wrong .

The usage of these four methods is related to log Exactly the same as .

console.error("Error: %s (%i)", "Server is not responding",500)
// Error: Server is not responding (500) console.warn('Warning! Too few nodes (%d)', document.childNodes.length)
// Warning! Too few nodes (1)


For some composite types of data ,console.table Method can be converted to table display .

var languages = [
{ name: "JavaScript", fileExtension: ".js" },
{ name: "TypeScript", fileExtension: ".ts" },
{ name: "CoffeeScript", fileExtension: ".coffee" }
]; console.table(languages);

Code above language, It turns into a table as shown below .

(index) name fileExtension
0 "JavaScript" ".js"
1 "TypeScript" ".ts"
2 "CoffeeScript" ".coffee"

The conditions for composite data to be displayed in tables are , You have to have a primary key . For the array above , A primary key is a number key . For objects , The primary key is its outermost key .

var languages = {
csharp: { name: "C#", paradigm: "object-oriented" },
fsharp: { name: "F#", paradigm: "functional" }
}; console.table(languages);

Code above language, It turns into a table as shown below .

(index) name paradigm
csharp "C#" "object-oriented"
fsharp "F#" "functional"


assert Method is used to verify whether a condition is true . If it is false , A pre specified error message is displayed . The format is as follows .

console.assert( conditional , Output information )

How to use it is as follows .

console.assert(true === false," The judgment is not true ")
// Assertion failed: The judgment is not true

Here's another example , Judge whether the number of child nodes is greater than or equal to 500.

console.assert(list.childNodes.length < 500, " The number of nodes is greater than or equal to 500")


These two methods are used for timing , You can calculate the exact time that an operation takes .

console.time("Array initialize");
var array= new Array(1000000);
for (var i = array.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
array[i] = new Object();
}; console.timeEnd("Array initialize"); // Array initialize: 1914.481ms

time Method indicates that the timing starts ,timeEnd Method indicates the end of the time . Their parameter is the name of the timer . call timeEnd After method ,console The window will show “ Timer name : Time spent ”.,console.groupend()

These two methods are used to group the displayed information . It's only useful when you're outputting a lot of information , Information in a group , It can be folded with the mouse / an .

Other methods

  • console.dir(): Output object information , Used to display all the properties of an object .

  • console.clear(): Yes console Clear the window , The cursor returns to the first line .

  • console.trace(): The call path of the currently executed code in the stack .

Command line API

In the console , Besides using console object , You can also use some command line methods that come with the console .

**(1)$_ **

$_ Property returns the value of the previous expression .

// 4
// 4

**(2)$0 - $4 **

The console holds the latest 5 It's in Elements Panel selected DOM Elements ,$0 For the last one ,$1 For the second from the bottom , And so on until $4.

**(3)$(selector) **

$(selector) Returns an array , Include specific CSS All the selectors that match DOM Elements . The method is actually document.querySelectorAll Method alias .

var images = $('img');
for (each in images) {

The above code prints out all the img Elemental src attribute .

**(4)$x(path) **

$x(path) Method returns an array , Contains matching specific XPath All of the expressions DOM Elements .


The above code returns all the information that contains a Elemental p Elements .

**(5)inspect(object) **

inspect(object) Method to open the related panel , And select the corresponding element :DOM The elements are in Elements The panel shows ,JavaScript The object is Profiles It shows that .

**(6)getEventListeners(object) **

getEventListeners(object) Method returns an object , The members of the object register various events of the callback function ( such as click or keydown), Each event corresponds to an array , The members of the array are the callback functions for the event .

**(7)keys(object),values(object) **

keys(object) Method returns an array , Contains all key names for a specific object .

values(object) Method returns an array , Contains all key values for a specific object .

var o = {'p1':'a', 'p2':'b'};
// ["p1", "p2"]
// ["a", "b"]

(8)monitorEvents(object[, events]) ,unmonitorEvents(object[, events])

monitorEvents(object[, events]) Method to listen for specific events on a specific object . When that happens , Will return a Event object , Contains information about the event .unmonitorEvents Method is used to stop listening .

monitorEvents(window, "resize");
monitorEvents(window, ["resize", "scroll"])

The above code represents the listening method of single event and multiple events respectively .

monitorEvents($0, "mouse");
unmonitorEvents($0, "mousemove");

The above code shows how to stop listening .

monitorEvents Allow listening to events of the same class . All events can be divided into four broad categories .

  • mouse:"mousedown", "mouseup", "click", "dblclick", "mousemove", "mouseover", "mouseout", "mousewheel"
  • key:"keydown", "keyup", "keypress", "textInput"
  • touch:"touchstart", "touchmove", "touchend", "touchcancel"
  • control:"resize", "scroll", "zoom", "focus", "blur", "select", "change", "submit", "reset"
monitorEvents($("#msg"), "key");

The above code means to listen to all key A big category of events .

**(9)profile([name]),profileEnd() **

profile Method is used to start a named CPU Performance testing ,profileEnd Method is used to end the performance test .

profile("My profile")
profileEnd("My profile")

**(10) Other methods **

Command line API The following methods are also provided .

  • clear() Method to clear the history of the console .
  • copy(object) Method to copy a specific DOM Elements to the clipboard .
  • dir(object) Method to display all properties of a specific object , yes console.dir Method alias .
  • dirxml(object) Method to display the XML form , yes console.dirxml Method alias .

debugger sentence

debugger Statement must be used with debugging tools , If there is no debugging tool ,debugger Statement does not produce any results .

stay chrome Browser , When the code runs to debugger The specified line , It will stop running , Turn on automatically console Interface . It works like setting breakpoints .

for(var i = 0;i<5;i++){
if (i===2) debugger;

The above code prints out 0,1,2 in the future , It will be suspended , Turn on automatically console window , Waiting for further processing .


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