How to find defects quickly
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Friends in other positions come to see , The content of testing is to discover BUG、 location BUG、 Submit BUG、 track BUG、 Back testing BUG、 replay BUG etc. .

among , Find out BUG It's the most basic requirement of this position .

In the absence of BUG Or not BUG When , The follow-up work is out of the question .

But for new people , It's still very difficult , In the process of daily work, we often encounter the following problems :

  • After a round of testing, we didn't find many BUG, Doubt the quality of your tests
  • What we found are very basic problems , No sense of achievement
  • Not sure if it's BUG, It needs to be confirmed with others over and over again
  • After self testing , Others often find other defects left behind

So how to find defects efficiently ?

Combined with some daily practice and experience accumulation , Let's sort it out :

One 、 Test shift left

Get involved in testing as early as possible , Detect defects early .

Participate in testing from the requirements stage , It can help testers understand the background and design principle of the requirements under test .

So as to find the design defects , It can also help testers find many design and implementation inconsistencies in the post iteration testing phase .

Although as a newcomer , Just started to participate in needs analysis , Low sense of participation , But don't exclude , Try to understand .

Two 、 Familiar with the business

Except for some easy to find problems , The discovery of many problems depends on the tester's familiarity with the business .

in addition , Some hidden defects , It's going to take the testers out of the cocoon , Filter layer by layer , And then find out the problems .

So this requires testers to be familiar with the business , Become the character who knows the product best .

Compared to product and development , There are many advantages to testing : Not only understand the business, but also understand the practical operation .

Testing as a first-hand user , It's also easier to find problems from the perspective of users .

Try to be the one who knows the product best , It also helps us to judge accurately and effectively bug.

3、 ... and 、 The stone of its mountain can be used to attack jade

When one's thinking is limited , You can take a look at what others have mentioned BUG.

From others BUG Learn from the experience , Understand other people's test thinking , Enrich your own testing ideas , After all bug There's something in common .

Four 、 Abnormal test

There are also some problems that often appear in some “ The border ” Scene or environment , That is, unconventional scenes .

such as : The boundary value 、 Compatibility test 、 Concurrent test 、 Pressure test 、 Security testing 、 battery of tests 、 Long link test, etc , The frequency of defects found in these scenes is relatively high .

5、 ... and 、 automated testing

For modules or interfaces with relatively stable history , We can pass automated testing , Build historical functions daily or regularly , So as to actively find new requirements 、 The impact of the new transformation on the historical function , To find out the problem .

Although fewer problems are found in this way 、 It costs a lot , But this kind of problem is hard to find without comprehensive testing .

6、 ... and 、 Learn about development routines

Summarize the defects of development regularly , By defect type 、 The occurrence module and other conditions are analyzed .

You'll find that , Development and production BUG It's also regular , It's easier to have problems at that stage of development , There are more problems with those functions , Even the same kind of problems will recur .

After all, for development , There is still a blind spot in test verification , Some problems can only happen in the testing stage or can only be found by people with testing thinking .

7、 ... and 、 Test move right

After the product goes online, there will be BUG Produced , The problem at this stage , How do we find out ?

Test move right , Through the online system operation and maintenance monitoring and early warning analysis , Before the customer perceives it , Find some abnormal defects through operation and maintenance technology , And then quickly fix it .

There is no defect free product , For testers , It is very important to find more defects in the effective time . I believe every tester has his own method , Welcome to discuss more .

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