MySQL Utilities Introduce

MySQL Utilities Provides a set of command line tools for maintenance and management MySQL The server , Include :

  • Management tools ( clone 、 Copy 、 Compare 、 differences 、 export 、 Import )
  • Copy tool ( install 、 To configure )
  • General tools ( Disk usage 、 Redundant index 、 Search metadata )

MySQL Utilities It's a series of command line tools and Python Libraries are easier to manage . The library uses Python Written language , This means that no other tools or libraries need to be installed . The present is based on Python2.6 Version design , I won't support it Python3.1 edition .

MySQL Utilities Provides software packages for various platforms , If you don't find the package corresponding to your own platform , You can compile and install through the source code .

Abreast of the times MySQL Utilities Download... Here :

MySQL Utilities Depend on the environment

MySQL Utilities need Python2.6 edition , All the code is based on that version . meanwhile , You also need to connect the driver MySQL Connector/Python General version ( higher than 1.0.8).

MySQL Connector/Python Download address :

MySQL Utilities Source code installation

# wget -c
# unzip
# cd mysql-utilities-1.5.3
# python ./ build
# python ./ install

You can be asked to install the driver first Connector/Python

yum Source installation

It can be configured MySQL YUM Source , You can go directly through yum To install .MySQL YUM For source usage, see :《 How to use MySQL yum Source to install updates MySQL Related packages

# yum install  mysql-utilities.noarch


How is it? debian The system will download the corresponding debian My bag . You can also configure the source .

# wget -c
# dpkg -i mysql-utilities-1.5.3-debian6.0_all.deb


x86 32 position :

x86 64 position :

There's nothing to say about the next step .

Mac OS x

Mac OS X 10.6:

Mac OS X 10.7:

Mac OS X 10.8:

Mac OS X 10.9:

Here we go first , The next section describes how to connect MySQL The server .

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