1. How do I paginate comments

That's how it's usually written

 SELECT customer_id,title,content FROM product_comment WHERE audit_status = 1 AND product_id =199726 LIMIT 0,15;;

Let's look at its execution plan

You can see possible_keys、key、key_len Values are NULL, This article SQL stay product_comment There are no available indexes on the table , Take out 9593 The row filtering degree is 1%

1. Index , Optimize comment paging queries

According to our index specification can be considered in where Index on condition

where The condition has two fields , We can calculate the difference between the two columns in the table with the following statement

Calculates the degree of field data discrimination , Index

SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT audit_status)/COUNT(*) AS audit_rate,COUNT(DISTINCT product_id)/COUNT(*) AS product_rate FROM product_comment;

The closer the ratio is 1, The better the degree of differentiation , We should put the well-differentiated columns on the left side of the union index

Now that we've indexed it , Now let's look at the execution plan

You can see that the federated index is used in the query , Only one piece of data is queried , We can return the data we need , The filtration level is 100 percent , We've done our first optimization

 Database access overhead = Indexes IO + Index the data of a table to which all record results correspond IO


such SQL The disadvantage of statement queries is that , Turn the page , Like thousands of pages later , It's going to get less and less efficient , The query time will also get longer and longer , Especially when the table data is large

Applicable scenario

It is useful if the result set of the table is small , Let's say below 10,000 lines , Or query conditions are very complex , For example, multiple different query judgments are involved , Or table association

2. Further optimize comment paging queries ,SQL Statements to rewrite

After the rewrite SQL sentence :

SELECT t.customer_id,t.title,t.content
SELECT customer_id FROM product_comment WHERE product_id =199726 AND audit_status = 1 LIMIT 0,15
)a JOIN product_comment t
ON a.customer_id = t.comment_id;

Before rewriting SQL And rewrite it SQL The result set of the query is the same , But it's more efficient than before SQL

Use the premise

Use this SQL There is a premise , The primary key of the product review table is customer_id , And there are coverage indexes ( That's the joint index that we just created )

Optimization principle

The primary key is extracted using the overwrite index according to the filter condition comment_id, And then we can sort it , The number of rows to extract the data we need , Then the comment table is sorted by primary key to fetch the other fields ,

The data overhead in this way is the index IO + Results after index paging (15 Row data ) The table of IO,


Than before I rewrote it SQL stay IO We'll save a lot , The advantage of this rewriting approach is that the resources and time spent on each page turn are essentially the same , It doesn't turn the page , The efficiency of the worse

Application scenarios :

When querying and sorting fields ( namely where Clause and order by The fields covered by the clause ), Used where there is a corresponding coverage index

This is also true if the result set of the query is large

Two . How to delete duplicate data


Delete duplicate comments on the same item for the same order from the comment table , Keep only the earliest one

Step one

Check for duplicate comments on the same item for the same order , If there is , Follow up

Query statement :

SELECT order_id,product_id,COUNT(*) FROM product_comment
GROUP BY order_id,product_id HAVING COUNT(*) > 1;

Step two

Backup product_comment surface ( Avoid the case of accidental deletion )

Backup statement :

 CREATE TABLE bak_product_comment_190108 AS SELECT * FROM product_comment;

If you are prompted :

Error code :1786 Statement violates GTID consistency:CREATE TABLE ... SELECT.

Use the following statement instead

 CREATE TABLE bak_product_comment_190108 AS LIKE product_comment;
INSERT INTO bak_product_comment_190108 SELECT * FROM product_comment;
 Error code :1786
Statement violates GTID consistency:CREATE TABLE ... SELECT.

The reason for the error

This is because in the 5.6 And above version inside , Open the enforce_gtid_consistency=true Functionally induced ,MySQL The official explanation is when enabled enforce_gtid_consistency Functional time ,MySQL Only be allowed to secure transactions , And can be logged SQL Statement executed , image create table … select and create temporarytable sentence , And update both transaction and non-transaction tables SQL Statements or transactions are not allowed to execute .

terms of settlement

Method 1

modify :


In profile :


Method 2 :

create table xxx as select Will split into two parts .
create table xxxx like data_mgr;
insert into xxxx select *from data_mgr;

If the table is large , Then use mysql dump The way to export to files for backup

Step three

Delete duplicate comments on the same order

Delete statements :

DELETE a FROM product_comment a
SELECT order_id,product_id,MIN(comment_id) AS comment_id
FROM product_comment
GROUP BY order_id,product_id
) b on a.order_id = b.order_id AND a.product_id = b.product_id
AND a.comment_id > b.comment_id;

3、 ... and . How to conduct inter-partition statistics


The total amount of consumption is greater than 1000 yuan ,800 To 1000 yuan ,500 To 800 yuan , as well as 500 The number of people under yuan

SQL sentence

COUNT(CASE WHEN IFNULL(total_money,0) >= 1000 THEN a.customer_id END) AS ' Greater than 1000'
,COUNT(CASE WHEN IFNULL(total_money,0) >= 800 AND IFNULL(total_money,0)<1000
THEN a.customer_id END) AS '800~1000'
,COUNT(CASE WHEN IFNULL(total_money,0) >= 500 AND IFNULL(total_money,0)<800
THEN a.customer_id END) AS '500~800'
,COUNT(CASE WHEN IFNULL(total_money,0) < 500 THEN a.customer_id END) ' Less than 500'
FROM mc_userdb.customer_login a
SELECT customer_id,SUM(order_money) AS total_money
FROM mc_orderdb.order_master
GROUP BY customer_id
) b
ON a.customer_id = b.customer_id

Check to see if the result is correct

The sum is 10010, Indicates that the query results are correct

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