Angular2 It's an open source JavaScript library , from Google maintain , Used to create page applications . Issued on 2016 year 9 month , be based on ES6 Development .

One 、 preparation

Use Angular2 Development , You need to do some configuration in advance , Such as NPM、Node.Js、Git etc. , Also right TypeScript Have a general understanding of .

a)NPM It's with NodeJS Package manager installed with , That should be similar NuGet The role of the .NPM Integrated in the NodeJS Installation package , Can be installed together , stay CMD Input npm –v and node –v You can verify that .

b)TypeScript It's an open source programming language developed by Microsoft , yes JavaScript Super , Expanded JavaScript The grammar of , And it's strongly typed .TypeScript Installation , You can download the installation package , It can also be in CMD Input $ npm install -g typescript install .

c) Use TypeScript To write HelloWorld

establish index.html The documents are as follows , quote hello.js. It doesn't exist right now hello.js, Need from TypeScript Compiling hello.ts Compile the generated .

hello.ts The file is just simple alert, You can't see it here typescript The characteristics of grammar .

And then in CMD Add the location of the file and execute tsc hello.ts, In the current folder hello.js,index.html It's ready to run .

d) And install Git, By the way, I installed GitExtension and TortoiseGit.

Two 、 Start Angular 2

a) Use Git Bash, Create project storage path . Then create... In the directory package.json、tsconfig.json、typings.json file , The content can be found in Angular2 Of GitHub Or copy the sample code of this book .

And then you need to perform npm install Install dependent components , But it can't be used directly in China npm, You can install the image of Taobao first $ npm install -g cnpm --registry=, And then execute cnpm install,cnpm Will be based on package.json Download the components you need to rely on .

b) newly build index.html The content is :

At present, only those that need to be referenced are added js and css, Nothing else . It's necessary to learn about adding these js The purpose of reference .

ES6Shim,Shim It means gasket , The main purpose of this file is to ensure compatibility with older browsers . For supporting the latest ES6 Standard browser , You don't need this file .

Zone, Maybe the effect is to make Angular Be able to detect changes in data , We can't get to know more about .

ReflectMetadata,Angular2 Use Typescript Language ,TypeScript With type annotations (Annotation), This reference is added to be able to use these annotations .

SystemJs, Is a module loader , Used to create modules and resolve dependencies between modules .

c) Next create TypeScript file app.ts,.ts The file is then compiled into .js file .

Use import{things} from “where” The format of , Add dependency .

Angular2 The most important feature of is the component (component). Under normal circumstances , A browser can only recognize a browser that belongs to html The tag , such as <form>、<ul> etc. , If you want a browser to recognize one <hello-world> label , It's impossible by common sense , But it's really Angular2 What the components of , namely “ Teach browsers to recognize new tags ”.

In the picture above @Component A component is defined in ,selector Property specifies DOM The element is the name of the label , When compiling, the corresponding component will be found for processing .

template Property to specify the template , Inverted quotation marks for templates ( `…` ) Cover up , The inverted quotation mark syntax is ES6 New features , Supports multiple lines of characters .

On the last line bootstrap(HelloWorld); Set the program's “ entrance ” by HelloWorld Components , After the program starts ,HelloWorld Will be rendered first .

Learning materials :The Complete Book on AngularJS 2 by Ari Lerner, Felipe Coury, NateMurray, Carlos Taborda

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