The Three Kingdoms period , Cao Cao led a million troops to attack the eastern Wu Dynasty , The army is stationed in Chibi of the Yangtze River , The ships are in one piece , Soochow is about to be destroyed , Unify the world , Cao Cao is very happy , So Yanzhong Wenwu , Between the drinks , Cao Cao's poetry flourished , I don't know :“ Drinking and singing , Life is wonderful ”, All men and women call :“ Prime Minister's good poetry !” So a minister quickly ordered the printer to print , In order to spread it all over the world . Let's show the samples to Cao Cao , Cao Cao doesn't feel right , Say :“ Drinking and singing , This is too common , Should be changed to ‘ sing while drinking ’ good !”, So the minister ordered the craftsmen to come again , Craftsmen see the work of night engraving , It's all in vain , Depressed in my heart , I have to do it . The sample is coming out again. Please have a look at it , Cao Cao is very careful , I think it's still not good , say :“ Life is so cool. It's so direct , We should change the language to be artistic , Therefore, it should be changed to ‘ sing while drinking , Life geometry ?’” When the minister tells the craftsman , The craftsman vomited blood and died ! Unfortunately, movable type printing was not invented in the Three Kingdoms period , So similar things happen , If there's movable type printing , Just change the character , It's wonderful .

So , Movable type printing, one of the four great inventions, is an object-oriented victory , Everything in the world is connected , How is movable type printing perfectly combined with our object-oriented technology ? First of all , To change , Just change the words you want to change , This is maintainable ; second , These words are not useless this time , It can be reused in later printing , This is reusable ; Third , If you want to add words to this poem , Just carve another word to add it , This is scalable ; Fourth , The typesetting of Chinese characters may be vertical or horizontal , At this time, just move the movable type to meet the arrangement requirements , This is flexibility . But before movable type printing , None of the above four features can satisfy , To be modified , It has to be re engraved , I want to add words , It has to be re engraved , To rearrange , It has to be re engraved , After printing this book , This edition has no value to use .

From the above story , Think of knocking on the student management system and computer room charging system , To achieve a function , Our intuition is to use the logic that the computer can understand to describe and express the problem to be solved and the specific solving process , This is actually thinking in a computer way , For example, in the computer room charging system , The little function of computer operation , The logical thinking is as follows :

Make a corresponding judgment according to our logical thinking , Get the little function we want to achieve on the computer , There is nothing wrong with the process itself , But this kind of thinking makes our program only to meet the current needs , Lack of soul , This kind of software is not standardized , It's not easy to maintain , Not easy to expand , And not easy to reuse . So what is object-oriented ? What a magical face , Next , We turn a new page :

object-oriented Knowledge , There are related introductions in the previous blog , I won't repeat it one by one , In general, the main advantages of object-oriented and the differences between object-oriented and process oriented , as follows :

There are two important concepts in object-oriented programming ,Class and Object, as well as OMT And the three basic characteristics of object orientation , The details are as follows :

I have some basic knowledge of object oriented , And the control of classes and objects , Let's learn more about C# Class in , Class is a custom data type , Just like integers and characters , You can use classes to declare variables , Variables declared with a class are called reference variables , therefore , Classes are referential data types ,C# Provides the ability to create classes and objects , use C# When programming , The main task is to define the kinds of programs that make up the program , A class definition can be used as a template or blueprint , Encapsulates the data and behavior of her objects , Once the class is defined , You can use her as a template to create objects and instances of a class , that , Next , We use C# An example in the video - Change the password to see , Class creation and instance , First , What we need to do is declare a password that can determine whether the password is correct , And can change the password of the class , And define related methods in the class :

 class Authentic // Declare a key to determine whether the password is correct , And can change the password of the class
private string PassWord = "dengyigegushi"; // Define the password in the class
public bool IsPasswordCorrect(string userPassword) // Declare a method in the class to determine whether the password is correct
return (PassWord == userPassword) ? true : false;
public bool ChangePassWord(string oldPassWord, string newPassWord)// Declare the method to change the password in the class
if (oldPassWord == PassWord)
PassWord = newPassWord;
return true;
return false;

Instantiate the class

 class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
Authentic simon = new Authentic(); //simon yes authentic The name obtained by instantiation
bool done;
done = simon.ChangePassWord("dengyigegushi", "dangxingfulaiqiaomen");
if (done == true)
Console.WriteLine(" The password has been changed ");
Console.WriteLine(" Password change failed !");

Let's take another small example , The creation of class is described in detail :

[< Access specifier >] [< Modifier >] class <classname>


//body of class


among class yes C# The keywords used to create the class ;<classname> Is the name of the class ;<body of class> Is a member of the class , It mainly includes properties and methods !C# The journey , To be continued ......

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