Recently saw Brian Goetz I wrote an article about DCL The article :Double-checked locking: Clever, but broken.(2001 Published in JavaWorld On )

This article tells about DCL The original intention of the design , But because JVM Different implementations of ( Not strictly following JMM standard ) Lead to DCL Failure in practical application .

1. DCL Design intention of

DCL To support Lazy initialization And designed .

There are many ways to implement the singleton pattern :

  • Eager initialization: Hungry loading , Class variables are initialized when the class loader loads the class . In this way, the atomicity of initialization can be guaranteed , But it reduces the startup performance of the program ( Class variables are initialized in the initialization phase of class loading ).
  • Lazy initialization: Lazy loading , Initialize when class variables are needed . This way can improve the startup performance of the program , But synchronization is needed to ensure atomicity of initialization , There's no doubt synchronization overhead .

DCL The goal is (1) Improve the startup performance of the program ,(2) Reduce synchronization overhead .

Code example :

 class SomeClass {
private Resource resource = null;
public Resource getResource() {
if (resource == null)
resource = new Resource();
return resource;

2. DCL The cause of the failure

DCL To be really effective , Need to rely on JVM Really followed JMM standard .

In the actual , compiler 、 processor 、 Cache is OK “ free ” Execute code ( Disorderly execution ), Just promise as-if-serial semantics Just go .

Here I want to mention synchronized The role of :

  • Mutex executes a piece of code
  • Trigger memory barrier , Force the working memory of the thread to synchronize with the living memory

Proper use of synchronization ensures : One thread expects to see the impact of another (The proper synchronization guarantees that one thread will see the effects of another in a predictable manner).

DCL The reason for this failure , It's because it's not used synchronously resource.( Related to the disorderly execution mentioned above , This is related to the concrete JVM The version is about , quite a lot JVM Implementation is not strictly implemented JMM standard )

3. Solution

(1) Don't use DCL;

(2) Use load (Eager initialization), The class loader guarantees the mutual exclusion of class variable initialization ( Each class will only load once );

(3) There is a special case of lazy loading : Contains only one class variable , No class methods 、 Instance variables 、 Example method ;

(4) Yes 32bit primitive values It works .

DCL The failure of : More articles about the deviation of reality from original intention

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