package Observer;
public class Test {
* client Test category
* The observer model generally consists of four parts :
* 1 Summary observer ( Textbooks are called general “Subject( The subject of abstract classes )”),
* It generally defines abstract add(),remove(),notifyAll() Other methods ,
* For adding observers , Delete observer , Inform the observer of his own changes .
* 2 Detailed class of the observed ( It's called... In general textbooks “ConcreteSubject( Detailed topic classes )”),
* It's the abstract observed (Subject) The detailed implementation class of , It's realized add(),remove(),notifyAll() Other methods ;
* 3 Abstract Observer class ( It's called “Observer”), It generally defines an abstract update() Method .
* 4 Detailed observer classes ( It's called “ConcreteObserver”), He's an abstract Observer class (Observer) Detailed implementation of , It has achieved update() Method ,
* Used to accept detailed changes from the observed ;
* Here's an example : There are two subjects, Chen Meijia and Hu Yifei , They have different observers . Chen Meijia's observer is LV Xiaobu ,
* Hu Yifei's observers are Zeng Xianer and Zhang Wei , When Chen Meijia and Hu Yifei have any changes , Immediately they will be told by their observers that they know ;
* @author wl
public static void main(String[] args) {
Watched HuYiFei=new ConcerteWatched();
Watched ChenMeiJia=new ConcerteWatched(); Watcher LvXiaoBu=new ConcreteWatcher(" Lu Xiaobu "," Chen Meijia ");
Watcher ZengXianEr=new ConcreteWatcher(" Zeng Xianer "," Hu Yifei ");
Watcher ZhangWei=new ConcreteWatcher(" Zhang Wei "," The goddess "); ChenMeiJia.addWatcher(LvXiaoBu);
HuYiFei.addWatcher(ZhangWei); HuYiFei.notifyWatchers(" I really want to see a movie ! .! "); ChenMeiJia.notifyWatchers(" I really want to travel !!!"); } }

package Observer;
* Abstract observer interface class
* @author wl
public interface Watcher {
void updata(String str);
package Observer;
* The abstract observable interface
* @author wl
public interface Watched {
void addWatcher(Watcher watcher);
void removeWatcher(Watcher watcher);
void notifyWatchers(String str);
package Observer;
* Detailed observer classes , Take LV Xiaobu in the example . Zeng Xianer , Zhang Wei is an example of the observer
* @author wl
public class ConcreteWatcher implements Watcher {
String watcheredName;
String name; public ConcreteWatcher(String name,String watcheredName){;
public void updata(String str) {
System.out.println(name+" I'm secretly happy “ Hey !!. The opportunity came , my "+watcheredName+" Say she ‘"+str+"’”");
} }
package Observer;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
* Detailed class of the observed , Take Hu Yifei in the example , Chen Meijia is a detailed example of the observed
* @author wl
public class ConcerteWatched implements Watched {
List<Watcher> list=new ArrayList<Watcher>(); @Override
public void addWatcher(Watcher watcher) {
} @Override
public void removeWatcher(Watcher watcher) {
} @Override
public void notifyWatchers(String str) {
for(Watcher watcher:list){
} }

Output is :

Zeng xian'er was secretly happy “ Hey !!

The opportunity came , My hu Yifei said that she ‘ I really want to see a movie !


Zhang Wei was secretly happy “ Hey !


The opportunity came , My goddess said she ‘ I really want to see a movie !!.’”

LV Xiaobu was secretly happy “ Hey !

. A chance , My Ms. Chen said , she ‘ I really want to travel !!!’”

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