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storyboard The hidden rules of

I touch ios Very late , The environment has been xcode5+ios7, So for the old IOS Development patterns don't understand . I looked up a lot of information on the Internet , Find previous code , A lot of them need to be themselves coding To create ViewController, such as :

  1. WTwoViewController *controller = [[WTwoViewController alloc]initWithNibName:@"WTwoViewController" bundle:nil];
  2. [self presentViewController:controller animated:YES completion:nil];

But with storyboard To manage view controller Words ,storyboard Automatic processing view controller The initialization action of , So you don't need to be yourself anymore coding To create view controller Example . See this sentence in another blog :

“ Used to xib I believe a lot of people will often use -presentModalViewController:animated: as well as -pushViewController:animated: These two methods . This code is in storyboard It's going to be history ; In its place Segue”

Control based jump

use storyboard Do development , It's often necessary to pull wires , Not covered in this article , Look at this official document :

start developing iOS app today

This kind of guy wire , It's from button Pull to view controller:

This way, just click on this button, It will jump automatically , No need to write any code

Directly from controller To controller

This kind of guy wire is directly from the View Controller To View Controller:
This approach has been pre created segue, But it needs to be hand coded , First of all, I need to give segue Set up a identity
Then write the code to jump :
  1. //  Jump to bootstrap
  2. - (void) jumpToBootstrap{
  3. [self performSegueWithIdentifier:@"fromWelcomeToBootstrap" sender:self];
  4. }

This code has to be written in -viewDidAppear in , Can not be written in -viewDidLoad in , Otherwise, a mistake will be reported :whose view is not in window hierarchy!


Value transfer between pages

Previously used -presentModalViewController:animated: The way to jump , It usually needs to pass delegate And so on , Now we all use segue API You can get
stay segue Before it happened , The current View Controller Of -prepareForSegue:sender: Method , You can do something inside , such as :
  1. BootstrapViewController* targetController = [segue destinationViewController];//  Get the goal view controller, Then you can do whatever you want

But what we should pay attention to here is , It doesn't seem to work in prepareForSegue Method destination view controller Of view, Because at this time view Not yet. storyboard Instantiation . But you can pass the reference first , Set it up later

In addition, I see a lot of posts on the Internet , It's said that from the beginning B go back to A If you also need to transfer the value when you need to , You can put A Set to B Of delegate:
  1. BViewController.delegate = self;

I don't quite understand here , When from B go back to A When , Also set up a segue It seems to be OK


unwind segue

unwind segue A special , It's about the goal View Controller First set up a action, And then in source View Controller Pull the line in to exit On the icon . In this case , In addition to calling source Of prepareForSegue Out of the way ,target View Controller the action It's also called .

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