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Make persistence a habit , This process is very difficult , But also very happy .

Today is the first day of the article 26 God , But decided to break down three articles a week , This will make time for more books . Whatever you do , You can't set high limits on yourself , It's likely to collapse .

01. Want to do , Just take action

Remember this sentence : Enough time is the premise , Action is the beginning , Perseverance is a process , Being what you want is the result .

I always wanted to learn to write , But I don't want to study in class , So it's been dragging , The end result is that it's getting longer and longer , And I'm still the same , There's no change .

When the registration is successful , Slowly began to embark on the road of systematic learning writing , So the whole person becomes very spiritual . There's a clear goal every day , Have a clear plan , I'm motivated to do things .

When the first issue comes down , I found myself better than before , I have a lot more knowledge , Have a lot more knowledge , There are also more excellent little friends .

The way back , On the road of writing, it goes further and further , The more you walk, the more stable you are . Writing is not easy , It takes time 、 energy 、 Nourish by persistence . And life is a marathon , We all have enough time to be what we want to be , action , It's a new beginning .

02. When studying , Keep a normal heart

If you don't feel any pressure every day , It might just be standing still .

Whether it's learning to write or learning to speak , We're always faced with questions that raise doubts about intelligence . In fact, this is a normal phenomenon , It shows that I am a step further than I was a quarter of an hour ago .

It's not a day's work , It's not a day's work . In the process of learning , Learn to look at it with a long-term goal . There is no shortcut or skill to success , Some just insist in silence .

Occasionally in multiple choice questions , The questions that I have done before will appear again , So the answer is not always right , It's time to be patient , Analyze where you haven't grasped firmly yet .

Too impatient , The possible mistakes have not been found ? On the contrary, it increases the psychological burden on oneself , It's easy to cause self doubt .

Keep a cool heart , To look at this issue , It's better for us to improve ourselves quickly .

03. Believe in time , Give yourself a little patience

The writer Chamberlain once said : Except through the roads of the night , People can't get to dawn .

Simply speaking , To reach the dawn of the next day , We have to wait for the night to pass . If you keep running , It will be dawn .

There are a lot of little friends around , All kinds of learning , But the effect is not obvious . And the reason is that : Failed to hold on .

Whether it's weight loss 、 Learn oral English 、 Learn to write 、 Learning dance and so on , You don't see much change in a day , But when I look back at the conclusion a month later , There must be a sense of confidence 、 Sense of harvest . Then stick to it for a year ? What are the ? Maybe that's what you expect .

Time is a silent witness , And the fairest bookkeeper . What did you pay for it , It will give you something in return . The results may not be satisfactory , But it must be better than the one you just took the first step .

《 A collection of birds 》 There is such a sentence in : It's only through hell , To create the power of heaven ; Only the fingers that flow through the blood , In order to pop up the world's best song .

Set up some plans for yourself to improve your study , Keep it going , And constantly optimize it .

It's a long way , Walk happily , It's a wonderful thing to change yourself , Give it a little patience and confidence .

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