Visual area ( viewport )

When a viewer looks at a web file , Usually the user agent (User Agents, UA, browser ) Will give the viewer a view ( Windows or other visual areas in the picture ). When we adjust the viewing area ,UA It's possible to change the layout of the file .

When the view is larger than what the file presents Canvas The area is still small ,UA A scroll mechanism may be provided to give you a glimpse of the whole file . In theory, each Canvas There can only be one viewing area at most , however UA Can produce more than one Canvas( For example, providing different viewing areas on the same document , Such as frame lattice ).

Bearing blocks ( Containing block )

If some box The position and size of are related to others 「 Rectangular square 」 The edge of (edges) To calculate , That's what we're going to do 「 Rectangular square 」 It's called the bearing block (Containing Blocks). In a nutshell , The so-called bearing block refers to , leave 「 This element 」 The nearest block level parent element ; No matter what 「 This element 」 Positioning or floating , It's all about it Bearing blocks To be a reference ( except fixed Positioning mode ).

Below is a simple diagram of the bearing block (demo-two The bearing block of is demo-one).

  • When the parent element is a block element , The size of the bearing block is the distance to the inner edge .
  • When the parent element is a monoserial element , The size of the hosting block is to the edge of the content .

Normal flow direction ( Normal flow )

What is the normal flow direction ? From top to bottom 、 From left to right is the so-called normal flow direction ; We take Hypertext Markup Language Come on , The direction of its original code writing is from top to bottom, from left to right , This is the normal flow direction . And the browser is also based on this trend to interpret ( literal translation ) Our source code .

To put it another way , In most cases , Normal flow refers to the web page , How to display element labels . in addition , Most of them HTML Element tags belong to inline box or blockbox.block box It can contain inline box; conversely ,inline box It can't contain blockbox.


Of The set value
static state  |  relative  |  absolute  |  center  |  page  |  Fix
Preset 2006/02/15: static state
Apply to : All elements except table column group and table column
inheritance : nothing

Used to put HTML The element produces box Position it where we want it to appear .

Static positioning | Positioning of static position

Locate in the order in which the source code was written . In vernacular, we write in order HTML The element produces box Let it naturally line up where it should be .static This value doesn't have to be specified , Because it's the default , That is to say, all box The elements are all in their proper place at the beginning . And it doesn't apply bottom、left、right And top These four attributes .

Relative positioning | The positioning of relative position

Relative to the original position ( Not relative to other elements ). Position elements relative to ​​ In the original position ; The element will move to where we are located , The size of the original location will be preserved in the bearing block .

Absolute positioning | Absolute positioning

Relative to the location of the bearing block . The element will come from HTML Remove from the flow of , Then, according to the bearing block, the element should be repositioned , The size of the original location will be cleared in the bearing block . The location value of the parent element cannot be static.

Fixed position | Fixed position positioning

Relative to the browser window Visual area coordinate , Fix the position and no longer change with the movement of the reel .

Next , Left , Right , Top

Of The set value
The bottom box sets the lower spacing, the left box sets the left spacing, the right spacing, and the top box sets the upper spacing

automobile  | <  length  > | <  percentage  >
Default :auto 
Apply to : Positioning elements
inheritance : nothing

These four attributes are used to set the boundary distance between the located target element and the bearing block . It should be noted that , All four values can be negative ; When it's negative , The position of the element will run outside the boundary of the host block .

z-index value

Of The set value
z-index Conduct
ž Axis positioning
automobile  | <  Integers  >
Default :auto 
Apply to : Positioning elements
inheritance : nothing

It's used to make elements stack and cover each other . The higher the value, the higher the value  ( Negative values can also be used ).


Of The set value
Trim the visible range
automobile  | <  shape  >
Default :auto 
Apply to : Absolute positioning element
inheritance : nothing

The volume in the visible range is fixed around the scissors .


  • RECT RECT( On , Right , Next , Left ) From the point of view of elements top left corner Start cutting out .
  • illustrations   illustrations ( On , Right , Next , Left ) It's like a rectangle , But it's from the boundary of elements Cut it in .


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