1、 Replace HTML label

replaceAll("\\&[a-zA-Z]{0,9};", "").replaceAll("<[^>]*>", "\n\t")

Source code is as follows :

* String substitution
package com.you.model;
* HTML Label replacement
* @author YHD
* @version
public class StrReplace {
* @param args
public static void main(String[] args)
String str = " <table border='1' cellpadding='1' cellspacing='1'><tr><th rowspan='2'> Serial number </th><th colspan='2'> Li Si </th><th> Zhao Liu </th></tr><table>";
* Replace HTML label
String subStr = str.replaceAll("\\&[a-zA-Z]{0,9};", "").replaceAll("<[^>]*>", "\n\t");
* Print the replaced string
System.out.println(" Print the replaced string :" + subStr);

2、 The operation results are as follows

 Print the replaced string :
Serial number
Li Si
Zhao Liu 

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