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Used to direct to stdout and stderr Print character . Similar to most of Web Browser provided console Object functions , In this case, it's output to stdout or stderr.

When the output target is a terminal or file ,console Functions are synchronized ( To prevent information loss when exiting prematurely ). When the output target is a pipe, they are asynchronous ( Prevent clogging for too long ).

in other words , In the following example ,stdout
It's not blocked , and stderr It's clogged .

$ node script.js 2> error.log | tee info.log

In everyday use , You don't have to worry too much about blocking / The difference between non blocking , Unless you need to record a lot of data .

console.log([data], [...])

towards stdout Print and start a new line . This function can look like  printf()  That takes multiple parameters , such as :

console.log('count: %d', count);

Suppose no formatting element is found in the first string , that  util.inspect  Will be applied to each parameter . See  util.format().[data], [...])

Same as  console.log.

console.error([data], [...])

Same as  console.log, But output to

console.warn([data], [...])

Same as  console.error.


Yes  obj  Use  util.inspect  And output the result string to
stdout. This function ignores  obj  No matter what you define  inspect().


Mark the time .


End timer , Record output . Demo sample :

for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++) {

console.trace(message, [...])

Output through formatted message and stack trace to current position stderr 'Trace

console.assert(value, [message], [...])

And  assert.ok()  Again , But the error message is used  util.format(message...)  To format .

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