Curl yes Linux The next one is very powerful http Command line tools , It's very powerful .

1) Without saying , Let's start here !

$ curl

After the return , Of html It's on the screen     ~

2) Um. , To save the page you read , Is that what we want ?

$ curl > page.html

Certainly. , But it doesn't have to be that much trouble !

use curl The built-in option Just fine , keep for the future http Result , Use this option: -o

$ curl -o page.html

such , You can see a download page progress indicator on the screen . When we get there 100%, Naturally OK Slightly

3) What, what ?! Can't access ? It must be yours proxy No setting .

Use curl When , Use this option You can specify http Access the proxy The server and its port : -x

$ curl -x -o page.html

4) I hate visiting some websites , He USES cookie To record session Information .

image IE/NN A browser like this , Of course, it can be handled easily cookie Information , But our curl Well ?.....

Let's learn this option: -D <— This is a http Of response Inside cookie The information is stored in a special file

$ curl -x -o page.html -D cookie0001.txt

such , When the page is saved to page.html At the same time ,cookie Information is also stored in cookie0001.txt Inside the

5) that , The next time I visit , How to continue to use the last left cookie Information? ? Need to know , A lot of websites are monitoring you cookie Information , To see if you don't follow the rules to visit their website .

This time we use this option Let's take the last one cookie The information is appended to http request Go inside : -b

$ curl -x -o page1.html -D cookie0002.txt -b cookie0001.txt

such , We can simulate almost all of them IE operation , Go to the website !

6) Wait a little bit     ~ I seem to have forgotten something     ~

by the way ! It's browser information

Some annoying websites always ask us to use certain browsers to visit them , Sometimes it's more extreme , And use certain versions      NND, Where can I find these weird browsers for it !?

Fortunately curl It provides us with a useful option, We can freely specify our own browser information claimed by this visit : -A

$ curl -A "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)" -x -o page.html -D cookie0001.txt

such , The server receives an access request , You'll think you're running on Windows 2000 Upper IE6.0, Hey, hey, hey , Actually, maybe you're using a Mac !

and "Mozilla/4.73 [en] (X11; U; Linux 2.2; 15 i686" You can tell the other person that you are a computer PC On the run Linux, It's using Netscape 4.73, Ha ha ha

7) Another common restriction method on the server side , It's inspection http Access to the referer. For example, you visit the home page first , Then visit the download page specified in it , This is my second visit to referer The address is the page address after the first successful visit . such , The server side only needs to find a certain access to the download page referer The address is not the address of the home page , We can conclude that it was a burglary company     ~

I hate it ~ I just want to steal company     ~!!

fortunately curl It gives us settings referer Of option: -e

$ curl -A "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)" -x -e "" -o page.html -D cookie0001.txt

such , You can cheat each other's servers , You are from Click on a link , Ha ha ha

8) It's about finding something important missing !——- utilize curl Download the file

I said just now , Download the page to a file , have access to -o , It's the same with downloading files . such as ,

$ curl -o 1.jpg

Here's a new one option: -O uppercase O, So used :

$ curl -O

such , You can use the file name on the server , Automatically exists locally !

And a better one .

If screen1.JPG Besides screen2.JPG、screen3.JPG、....、screen10.JPG Need to download , It's hard for us to write a script To do this ?

Quit doing !

stay curl Inside , Just write like this :

$ curl -O[1-10].JPG

Ha ha ha , Terrible! ?! ~

9) Come again , Let's continue with download !

$ curl -O{zzh,nick}/[001-201].JPG

The resulting download , Namely









It's convenient enough ? Ha ha ha

Why ? Too soon to be happy .

because zzh/nick The file names under are 001,002...,201, The downloaded file has the same name , The latter has covered all the previous documents ~

No problem , We have more !

$ curl -o #2_#1.jpg{zzh,nick}/[001-201].JPG

— This is a ..... Download custom file name ? — Right , ha-ha !

such , Download the custom file name , That's how it became : original : ~zzh/001.JPG —-> After downloading : 001-zzh.JPG original : ~nick/001.JPG —-> After downloading : 001-nick.JPG

thus , I'm not afraid of duplicate names , ha-ha

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