continue pytest Unit testing framework learning ,pytest Many types of test reports can be generated . Let's learn in this section pytest How to generate test reports .

establish  Test case file , Take testing this file as an example .

class TestClass:
def test_one(self):
x = "this"
assert "h" in x def test_two(self):
x = "hello"
assert x == "hi"

Generate resultlog file

Create a normal result file :

> py.test  --resultlog=./log.txt

Generate under specified current path log.txt file , Open file , The contents are as follows :

self = <test_class.TestClass instance at 0x000000000307C788> def test_two(self):
x = "hello"
> assert x == "hi"
E assert 'hello' == 'hi'
E - hello
E + hi AssertionError

Generate JunitXML file

> py.test  --junitxml=./log.xml

It is also specified to generate... In the current directory log.xml file , Open the file as follows :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<testsuite errors="0" failures="1" name="pytest" skips="0" tests="2" time="0.015">
<testcase classname="test_class.TestClass" name="test_one" time="0.0"/>
<testcase classname="test_class.TestClass" name="test_two" time="0.00300002098083">
<failure message="assert &apos;hello&apos; == &apos;hi&apos;
- hello
+ hi">self = &lt;test_class.TestClass instance at 0x000000000309C948&gt; def test_two(self):
x = &quot;hello&quot;
&gt; assert x == &quot;hi&quot;
E assert &apos;hello&apos; == &apos;hi&apos;
E - hello
E + hi AssertionError

Create something like this XML What's the use of documents ?  Mainly for convenience Jenkin Or other continuous integration tools .

Creating test cases URL  

> py.test  --pastebin=all

Copy the print results and finally generate session-log The test report links to the browser :

Such a display of results would be very friendly .

Of course , You can also just choose to show faile Test cases for

> py.test  --pastebin=failed

Generate html Test report

Of course , More time , We hope pytest Can generate beautiful test reports . This requires installation pytest An extension of --pytest-html.

> pip install pytest-html     #  adopt pip install pytest-html

cmd Execute the test file at the command prompt :

>py.test --html=./report.html

Specify to generate... In the current directory report.html file , Open the test file :

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