stay ASP and MVC In development , There are some parameters that need to be changed by the activity , The most common is the database link string <connectionStrings> Configured under node . In today's contact with the project , I came into contact with the custom configuration parameters , According to the needs of the project web.config Define the required parameter values in .

The specific methods :

stay <configuration></configuration> Add... Under node <appSettings></appSettings> node .

Then you can customize the configuration parameters under this node :<add key="KEY" value="VALUE" />

Usage method :

ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Key"] obtain web.config Corresponding value in .

Be careful : Use ConfigurationManager You need to refer to the namespace System.Collections.Generic;

web.config Sample configuration file :

<add key="APPID" value="wx116a17a17689178c"/>
<add key="APPURL" value=""/>

Use the custom configuration example :

public static string Appid
return ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["APPID"];


public static string AppUrl
return ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["APPURL"];


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