Some functions commonly used but not learned by companies , Record the backup .

1, stay Rest In the operation method , have access to $this->_type Gets the type of resource currently accessed , use $this->_method Get the current request type .

2.unset() It's a variable that you define .
because PHP Variables don't need to be predefined to be used .
If you don't unset($color), If you use the same name in the following code $color,PHP I'll use the one I used before ( There is value in it ), If you don't reassign, use , It may affect correctness .

3, Get the value of the field of the object , And turn it into string type , And get rid of the blanks ~~
ToString() Is the way to convert to a string Trim() It's the way to get rid of the spaces on both sides
hold StringBuffer convert to String Type of no avail .trim() Can lead to unexpected results --
use if Sentence judgment is different from what you think
if(returnStr==null||returnStr==""){// No, .trim() That doesn't make sense
//if(returnStr.length()==0){// Judge if the length is zero .trim() It's fine too .

4,md5() Function to evaluate the MD5 hash .

5, call TP Of save Method to update data , If the new data is consistent with the data in the database , Then perform M('table')->save(data) When the method is used , This method returns false. If the data is inconsistent , Data updated successfully , return true

6,ThinkPHP Medium getLastSql function --- Get the last executed SQL sentence

7,import(' Class library name ', ' Starting path ', ' Class library suffix ')
imprt Method has an alias vendor Method , Specifically for importing third-party class libraries , The difference is that the starting path and the default value of the class library suffix are different .

8,substr() Method to extract from a string start The specified number of characters from which the subscript begins .

9,strtotime() Function parses the date time description of any English text as Unix Time stamp .

10,ThinkPHP in C(),D(),S()

1. In concrete Action Method inside , It can be used C() Dynamic configuration of some parameters , It mainly refers to those parameters that have not been used yet . The usage is as follows :
C(' Parameter name '); // Get the parameter value that has been set
C(' Parameter name ',' New parameter values '); // Set the new value

2.D() Use of functions :
Define the model class first , Such as UserModel, And then you can use it D() Functions operate on data . for example :
First in " Your project "\Lib\Model Create a new one called UserModel.class.php Of PHP Script , The contents are as follows :
class UserModel extends Model{}
then , There is no need to add any properties or methods , You can do the following :
$User = D("User"); // Instantiation User object ,User It's a database you created called " Prefix _user" Data sheet for
It can also be used. $User = new UserModel() Instead of , The operation of instantiating objects .
After instantiation , You can add, delete, check and modify the data , Such as :
$User->find(1); // Find the primary key as 1 The record of

3.S() Use of functions :
ThinkPHP All kinds of cache methods are abstracted into a unified cache class to call , and ThinkPHP Unify all caching mechanisms into one S Method to operate , So it's using
Different caching methods don't need to pay attention to specific caching details . Such as :
S('data',$Data); // Use data Identity cache $Data data
S('data',$Data,3600); // cache $Data data 3600 second
$Data = S('data'); // Get cached data

11,ListRows attribute : Return to one ListRows object , representative ListObject All rows of data in the object

12,strtolower() Function to convert a string to lowercase .
notes : This function is binary safe .
Correlation function :
lcfirst() - Convert the first character of a string to lowercase
strtoupper() - Convert strings to uppercase
ucfirst() - Convert the first character of a string to uppercase
ucwords() - Convert the first character of each word in a string to uppercase

13,returnURL($list), The function is to jump back to the page that the user started to request after logging in ( Namely returnUrl The address page of )

$list = $Admin->where($extra)->order('id asc')->page($page_num.','.$pagesize)->select();
$this->assign('list',$list);// Assignment data set
$count = $Admin->where($extra)->count();// Query the total number of records that meet the requirements
$Page = new \Think\Page($count,$pagesize);// Instantiate the paging class The total number of incoming records and the number of records displayed per page
$show = $Page->show();// Page display output
$this->assign('page',$show);// Assign value to page output

15,preg_replace — Perform a regular expression search and replace

16,preg_match() Function for regular expression matching , Successfully returns 1 , Otherwise return to 0 .

preg_match() Once the match is successful, the match will stop , If you want to match all the results , You need to use preg_match_all() function .

17,die() Function outputs a message , And exit the current script . The function is exit() Alias for function .

18,is_numeric — Detects whether a variable is a number or a numeric string

19, json_encode() Built in functions (php > 5.2) You can use php Data can be well communicated with other languages and used . The function is to convert the value to json Data storage format .

20,php die( -1 ); What do you mean ? End operation The return value is -1

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