One 、 How to get localStorage Remaining capacity of

stay H5 Today's popularity ,localStorage( The local store ) It's no stranger to every former siege division . meanwhile localStorage It also brings us great convenience , Not used cookies A small family ,localStorage The amount of storage is still very objective .

Because of the differences in browsers , That leads us to need to localStorage Make a partial trade-off between the contents of . And according to the current market browser on loaclStorage From the compatibility of , The best size is 2.5M about . How to get localStorage Capacity size of , I've probably been in contact with localStorage It's a problem we all meet .

localStorage  Stored in is a string , According to this condition , We can do this by taking out all the localStorage The content of , And the length is the size . The specific code is as follows :

 1 (function(){
2 if(!window.localStorage) {
3 console.log(' Browser does not support localStorage');
4 }
5 var size = 0;
6 for(item in window.localStorage) {
7 if(window.localStorage.hasOwnProperty(item)) {
8 size += window.localStorage.getItem(item).length;
9 }
10 }
11 console.log(' At present localStorage The remaining capacity is ' + (size / 1024).toFixed(2) + 'KB');
12 })()

Two 、 How to get localStorage The maximum capacity

Through the above analysis , In fact, the idea is basically the same , It's all determined by the length of the characters .

 1 (function() {
2 if(!window.localStorage) {
3 console.log(' The current browser does not support localStorage!')
4 } var test = '0123456789';
5 var add = function(num) {
6 num += num;
7 if(num.length == 10240) {
8 test = num;
9 return;
10 }
11 add(num);
12 }
13 add(test);
14 var sum = test;
15 var show = setInterval(function(){
16 sum += test;
17 try {
18 window.localStorage.removeItem('test');
19 window.localStorage.setItem('test', sum);
20 console.log(sum.length / 1024 + 'KB');
21 } catch(e) {
22 console.log(sum.length / 1024 + 'KB Exceed the maximum limit ');
23 clearInterval(show);
24 }
25 }, 0.1)
26 })()

I wrote a Check the browser localStorage Maximum capacity of The page of , Though sparrows are small , But it has all five internal organs :lol:.

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