New media is not so easy to set up!
Daner 2021-06-04 09:09:58

I want to start new media , As a sideline , How difficult !

1 writing

Just for WeChat official account , Let's analyze , What you can see is the title 、 written words 、 picture 、 The background music , It's simple , Yes, of course , If you're demanding of yourself , perfectionist , It's really like climbing Mount Everest , Oh , No , It's harder than Everest .

After careful study, we have a lot of knowledge , From writing articles , To the selected map 、 Typesetting , Release 、 The promotion is quite elegant .

I write at my desk in front of the computer , With win10 Self contained OneNote, On the left is my notebook Directory , On the right is the note area , The first sentence pops up on the screen , And then cut it out , It's like writing a page and feeling bad , tear off , It's like a ball in a trash can .

The most important step in writing an article is to let readers know what they are expressing ( Be logical ), Complete this step , I think that's what I want to achieve , In fact, the most difficult thing to write is not knowing what to write , Too many ideas , An idea in a moment , Not around a point, from point to line , Line to surface , Write an idea in depth full of three-dimensional feeling .

When you understand that , I left a blank space three tenths to the right of the notebook area , List an idea , How to tell the idea , The opening 、 One 、 Two 、 3、 ... and , ending , Then start the codeword at seven tenths to the left , So all the time around the right side of the content , Don't stray from the subject , I don't want to scribble !

I can't see the problem when I finish writing it , Because I'm proud to finish it , It must be a treasure , No blasphemy , In a few days, it will be different , After modification , Find a proper title , At least let people have the impulse to read your article , So the first article is finished .

2 Typesetting and publishing

Next, find some material according to the theme of the article ( Including first level cover 、 Secondary cover 、 Article with pictures 、 Signature at the end of the article ) Come on , We can find materials in the early stage , You can make it yourself later , After all, copyright is a problem , Start typesetting , This is much easier and more enjoyable than writing articles , There are a lot of conventional techniques in it , The aim is to unify the style , Bring people a comfortable reading experience .

No previous experience , How to learn ? I type in the Baidu search bar “ The official account of WeChat ”, In a flash, the result is in front of us , Top articles , Go in and have a look , I fast 3 Article! , The typesetting skills explained in it are similar . I didn't expect to learn typesetting skills so easily , The next step is practice , The so-called work wants to be good at its work , You must sharpen your tools first , Find your own typesetting tools , Let's start with the article we finished before , With the help of one click typesetting tools , Preview effect , If you are not satisfied with it, you can revise it 、 The typesetting is now complete .

Finally, it can be released , Publishing is relatively simple , But there are also some things to pay attention to , Analyze when the possible readers of this article are active , Choose the right time point , The official account platform can be released after operation. .

3 Extension

After the release, just see for yourself what the momentum is , I want more people to see it , It's good to be friends , Learn from each other , Let people know that you have created and published such an article . That's the promotion , Let more people know that you have done a great thing .

Who should I tell first , Circle of friends is the first step , Tell your friends first . Write a propaganda copy , Official account link , So far, the first step of promotion is completed .

As the saying goes, 360 lines , No.1 in the industry , But three hundred and sixty , It's not easy , What's more, new media covers many industries , How can it be so easy ! see , It's starting , isn't it? ?

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