The specific operation steps are as follows :

a)         Check out the currently available hard drives :

# lspv

hdisk0          0002d74f0e69d97a                    rootvg

hdisk1          0002d74fea8ad09d                    none

hdisk2          000214dadca3a694                    dbbakvg

hdisk3          0002d74f1e67ac3b                    dbbakvg

In this case ,hdisk0 It is the default hard disk after the system is installed , and hdisk1 The last property is shown as “none”, This means that this hard disk has not been VG Use , It can be used to do rootvg Mirror image .

b)         Check hdisk1 Whether it can be regarded as a result of AIX Supported boot devices :

# bootinfo -B hdisk1

If this command returns the value 1, The selected disk can be AIX guide . Any other value represents hdisk1 No rootvg Candidates for making images .

c)         Expand rootvg To include hdisk1:

# extendvg rootvg hdisk1  ;( If hisk1 Previously by others VG Used to , It can be used -f Parameters #extendvg -f rootvg hdisk1)

d)         Cancel VG Physical volume quota management in ( stay VG As long as there is any PV It works , this VG You can use ):

# chvg -Qn rootvg

After running , Reuse lsvg rootvg see ,QUORUM The value of the item will be 1

e)         Yes rootvg Do the mirror operation

# mirrorvg –c 2 rootvg

The time required for this work is related to rootvg It depends on the size of the space currently used , In practice ,95 GB Size , It was used 2 Hours .

f)         stay rootvg Create boot information on two disks of

# bosboot –ad hdisk0

# bosboot –ad hdisk1

g)         The order in which the device system starts the device

# bootlist–m normal hdisk0 hdisk1 cd0

Here we are ,rootvg The mirror work is done .

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