css There are several advantages of abbreviation , The first and biggest benefit is to reduce the amount of code . The second is to facilitate your own writing .

Here are some common css Attribute shorthand rule .

One 、 typeface (font)

font-style: Set the font style . Its value is normal( default font ),italic( Italics ),oblique( tilt ),inherit( Inherit the parent element font ).

font-variant: Set font change . Its value is normal,small-caps( Small font with larger subtitles ),inherit.

font-weight: Set the size of the font . Its value is normal,bold( In bold ),bolder( More thick ),lighter( A finer ),100~900,inherit.

font-size: Set the font size .

line-height: Set the line height of the font ,normal,number( This number will be multiplied by the current font size ),length( Fixed row spacing ),%( Based on the percentage of the current font size ),inherit.

font-family: Specify the style of the font ,family-name( Font name ),inherit.

font : font-style | font-variant | font-weight | font-size/line-height | font-family

It should be noted that font-size and line-height Only through “/” Make up a value . And it's only specified at the same time font-size and font-family The abbreviation only works when the attribute is empty .

Two 、 background (background)

background-color: Set the background color .

background-image: Set the background image .url,none,inherit.

background-repeat: Set the background repeat mode .repeat,repeat-x,repeat-y,no-repeat,inherit.

background-attachment: Set whether the background image is fixed .scroll( The image scrolls as the page scrolls ),fixed( The image position is fixed , Don't scroll with the page ),inherit.

background-position: Set the position of the background image .x% y%,x px y px, Location keywords .

background : background-color | background-image | background-repeat | background-attachment | background-position

background There is no hard and fast requirement for attribute abbreviations , But it is usually abbreviated in the above order .

3、 ... and 、margin & padding

margin : margin-top | margin-right | margin-bottom | margin-left

padding : padding-top | padding-right | padding-bottom | padding-left

Four 、border

border-width: Set border width .thin( Thin border ),medium( Default ),thick( Thick border ),length( Customize the width of the border ),inherit.

border-style: Set border style .

border-color: Set border color .

border : border-width | border-style | border-color

5、 ... and 、list-style

list-style-type: Set the type of list flag .

list-style-position: Sets where to place the list item tag .inside( Within the text ),outside( Outside the text ),inherit.

list-style-image: Set the image instead of the logo .url,none,inherit.

list-style : list-style-type | list-style-position | list-style-image

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