On the server side, determine the type of the file sent by the client , If it's a static file , Go straight back to , In the page output display . If it's a dynamic file , adopt aspnet_isapi.dll Transferred .NetFrameWork Framework implementation .

establish ISAPIruntime object , perform ISAPIruntime Object ProcessRequest() Method

ProcessRequest() The method can be seen as entering Asp.Net Entrance point .

ProcessRequest() Method :

According to the handle passed in ( The number of the request message ) Looking for resources , establish ISAPIWorkerRequest object wr, Encapsulate the content of the request message into wr in , Will be wr to HttpRuntime in .

ProcessRequestNoDemand() Method :

ProcessRequestNow() Method :

ProcessRequestInternal() Method :

establish HttpContext object , And then the request message wr It's all encapsulated in context in .

establish HttpApplication object , adopt HttpApplicationFactory() This factory class GetApplicationInstance Method to create , stay HttpApplication Create... In the pool , That is to operate in the stack , The lifetime of the pool is the same as that of the application .


This is the creation HttpApplication Object's factory class GetApplicationInstance() The method in .

establish HttpApplication There are three key methods in the object .

The first method :EnsureInited():

Double lock this factory class , Check HttpApplicationFactory Is it initialized , This this It stands for HttpApplicationFactory This factory class . without , adopt this.Init() Method to initialize . First use this.GetApplicationFile() Ways to find global.asax File address , Get global.asax file . And then call this.CompileApplication() Method pair global.asax File for compilation , obtain theApplicationType This type .

Second method :EnsureAppStartCalled(context):

Get global.asax file , Call and make sure it is called only once when the program starts global In file Application_Start() Method . Get all the routing information .

Third way :GetNormalApplicationInstance(context):

establish HttpApplication object , After successful creation, call InitInternal() Method to initialize . Read all the information in the configuration file for module Configuration content . Get the system definition module And the programmer's own definition of module, Save to HttpModuleCollection Collection , Then traverse the read HttpModuleCollection aggregate .

establish HttpApplication Then go into the request pipeline .

Initializing HttpApplication When , You can get system definitions and programmer definitions module.

Look at the system defined module:UrlRoutingModule

find Init() initialization module Methods

UrlRoutingModule.Init() Method :

Initialization module , take OnApplicationPostResolveRequestCache This event is registered in the seventh event of the pipeline , Execute this method when you get to the seventh event in the request pipeline .

OnApplicationPostResolveRequestCache() Method :

HttpApplication Object to trigger this event ,sender Represents the source of the event . All can be sender Turn into HttpApplication.

HttpContextBase Class is an abstract class , The class contains members that are associated with  HttpContext  Similar classes . Use  HttpContextBase Class can create some derived classes , These derived classes are related to  HttpContext  Kind of similar , But it can be customized and in  ASP.NET  External use of pipes .

use HttpContextBase Create context objects context.

Encapsulate the request further into context In the object .

perform PostResolveRequestCache(context) Method .

PostResolveRequestCache() Method :

Matching routing  HTTP  request , Retrieve the handler for the route , And set the handler to the current requested  HTTP  The handler .

The obtained routing rules and encapsulated context To match the request message in , Return routing data .

Get the object of the routing request  , Some methods in the message and so on , Determine whether it is null

If the route data is not empty, it means that the match is successful , Get the attributes of the routing data .

Encapsulate the request message , Return an instance , use IHttpHandler object httpHandler receive .

there httpHandler Namely MVCHandler,MVC Source code MVCHandler This class inherits IHttpAsyncHandler, IHttpHandler, IRequiresSessionState

Finally, map the current request to HttpHandler On .

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