Fair Scheduler The scheduler synchronizes the heartbeat to assign tasks. In short, it goes through the following steps :

1、 Yes map/reduce Whether the resource limit has been reached

2、 Yes pool Queue by Fair Algorithmic sorting

3、 Then the cycle pool queue , stay pool Medium job Queue by Fair Algorithmic sorting , loop job, choice task

4、 If you choose one task, Jump out of pool The cycle of , And then I'll do it again pool Sort , Repeat step 2

Fair Scheduler Scheduling strategy is very important for pool and job All the scheduling algorithms are consistent , First explain several important variables in the scheduling algorithm :

minshare : Minimum share slots assigned to the schedulable The minimum number of shares ,pool The minimum number of shares of a pool is the minimum number of shares that each resource pool needs to allocate map or reducer slots Count , That is, in the configuration file minMaps or minReduces,Job Of minShare Defined as 0

demand :  This is defined as number of currently running tasks + number of unlaunched tasks (tasks that are either not yet launched or need to be speculated). In a nutshell JOB Of slot Requirement , The result is through ( Running Tasks Number + Not running Tasks Number ) calculated ,pool Pooled demand It's all in the pool Job Of demand The sum of the .FairScheduler Will start a UpdateThread Thread to update regularly Demand value , The update interval can be determined by mapred.fairscheduler.update.interval To configure , Not configured or by default 2500 millisecond

runningTasks: Running Tasks Number ,pool Pooled runningTasks The value is equal to all of them job Of runningTasks The sum of the .

weight: The weight .Pool The weight is in the configuration file weight Configuration item ,job The weight of is related to priority , for example normal=1.0,high=2.0,very high=4.0 etc. , however job The weight of will be recalculated during operation , If it's on mapred.fairscheduler.sizebasedweight Configuration item , that weight Will recalculate :

weight = Math.log1p(demand) / Math.log(2);
weight *= getPriorityFactor(job.getPriority());

in other words job The weight will increase with job Of slot Change with the change of demand . If it's on mapred.fairscheduler.weightadjuster Configuration item , that weight The calculation will be recalculated ,Weightadjuster We need to cooperate with mapred.newjobweightbooster.factor and mapred.newjobweightbooster.duration Two configuration items to use ,factor Is the weighting factor ,duration For the weighting period , If meet :【 current time (currentTime)-jobStartTime < duration】 That is to say, it is still in the period of weight adjustment , that weight = weight*factor.

Fair Scheduler The core idea is to ensure that all assignments can get the same share of resources as possible , First, we will consider the resource deficit of the job to select the job , Then it's about priorities , The so-called resource deficit can be roughly understood as the ratio of the resources obtained and the resources needed at present , Let's talk about it in detail Fair Scheduler Core scheduling algorithm , In essence, it's right pool or job Carry out certain regular sorting operations , The process is as follows :

1、 To calculate job Of minShare,minShare be equal to minShare and demand The value is the smaller of the two

2、 Judge runningTasks Is less than minShare, If so , High priority

3、 step 2 If you're not satisfied , So judge runningTasks/max(mindshare,1.0) Value , The small value takes precedence

4、 If step 3 Medium runningTasks/max(mindshare,1.0) Have the same value , Judge runningTasks/weight Value , As mentioned earlier, if it is turned on sizebasedweight Configuration item , Then the job will change with the operation of the job weight Weight value , For large jobs, the change curve of weight value will be similar to a parabola .

5、 If the weight values are consistent , The last comparison startTime value .

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