Oracle Take the intersection of data in two tables

keyword : Oracle Take the intersection of data in two tables INTERSECT

Oracle As a large relational database , In daily application, it is often necessary to extract the intersection data of two tables

For example, the following table is available , Ask to find out the salary 2500( Not included 2500) Above and male (M) Employee number of , Then we need to use the relationship between the two tables to make an intersection





001 Tom M
002 Jerry M
003 Ana F



001 2800
002 2500
003 3000

Method 1: Using operators INTERSECT

INTERSECT The operator is used to merge two queries , Returns records that exist in both queries , That is to return the intersection of two query results , The premise is that the number of columns and data types of the two queries must be exactly the same .


Article 1 with a SQL As the result of the


Second SQL As the result of the




Method 2: Using relationships SQL


The result is


The above two methods are my common methods , Especially the second one , Fully embody the essence of relational data . But if the structure of the two tables is complex , And the relationship conditions are difficult to achieve , The first is obviously a simple way to get the desired results , It's a good way .

Difference sets : minus

Combine , And eliminate duplicate records :union

Combine , And include duplicate records :union all

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Oracle Take the intersection of data in two tables and set the difference set

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