hive.optimize.cp=true: Column cut
hive.optimize.prunner: Cut in sections
hive.limit.optimize.enable=true: Optimize LIMIT n sentence
hive.limit.optimize.limit.file=10: Maximum number of files

1. Local mode ( Small tasks ):
The following conditions need to be met :
1.job The input data size of must be less than the parameter Default 128MB)
2.job Of map The number must be less than the parameter Default 4)
3.job Of reduce The number must be 0 perhaps 1
hive.mapred.local.mem: Local mode enabled JVM Memory size

2. Concurrent execution :
hive.exec.parallel=true , The default is false

3.Strict Mode:
hive.mapred.mode=true, Strict mode does not allow the following queries to be executed :
There is no partition specified on the partition table
No, limit The limit order by sentence
The cartesian product :JOIN Not at the time ON sentence

4. Dynamic partitioning :
hive.exec.dynamic.partition.mode=strict: In this mode, you must specify a static partition
hive.exec.max.dynamic.partitions.pernode=100: In every one of them mapper/reducer The maximum number of partitions a node is allowed to create
DATANODE:dfs.datanode.max.xceivers=8192: allow DATANODE How many files to open

5. Speculative execution :

6.Single MapReduce MultiGROUP BY
hive.multigroupby.singlemar=true: When more than one GROUP BY Statements have the same grouped Columns , It will be optimized to a MR Mission

7. hive.exec.rowoffset: Whether to provide virtual columns

8. grouping
Two aggregation functions cannot have different DISTINCT Column , The following expression is wrong :
INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE pv_gender_agg SELECT pv_users.gender,
count(DISTINCT pv_users.userid), count(DISTINCT pv_users.ip) FROM
pv_users GROUP BY pv_users.gender;
SELECT There can only be GROUP BY Column or aggregate function of .

9.; stay map Some aggregation operations will be done in , More efficient but requires more memory .
hive.groupby.mapaggr.checkinterval: stay Map The number of entries to be aggregated at the end

hive.groupby.skewindata=true: Load balancing with data skew , The selected item is set to true, The generated query plan will have two MRJob. first MRJob in ,
Map The output result set of will be randomly distributed to Reduce in , Every Reduce Do partial aggregation , And output the result , The result of this treatment is the same GroupBy Key
May be distributed to different Reduce in , So as to achieve the goal of load balancing ; the second MRJob And then according to the data result of preprocessing according to GroupBy Key Distributed to
Reduce in ( This process is guaranteed to be the same GroupBy Key It's distributed to the same Reduce in ), The final aggregation operation is completed .

11.Multi-Group-By Inserts:
FROM test
SELECT count(DISTINCT test.dqcode)
GROUP BY test.zipcode
SELECT count(DISTINCT test.dqcode)
GROUP BY test.sfcode;

12. Sort
hive.mapred.mode=strict You need to talk to limit Clause
hive.mapred.mode=nonstrict Use a single reduce To complete the order
SORT BY colName ASC/DESC : Every reduce Internal order
DISTRIBUTE BY( Use... In the case of subqueries ): Control where a particular line should go reducer, There is no guarantee that reduce The order of the data in the
CLUSTER BY : When SORT BY 、DISTRIBUTE BY When using the same column .

13. Merge small files
hive.merg.mapfiles=true: Merge map Output
hive.merge.mapredfiles=false: Merge reduce Output
hive.merge.size.per.task=256*1000*1000: The size of the merged file
hive.mergejob.maponly=true: If the support CombineHiveInputFormat Then, only Map The task of merge
hive.merge.smallfiles.avgsize=16000000: When the average size of the file is less than this value , Will start a MR Task execution merge. number
Reduce map number :
set mapred.max.split.size
set mapred.min.split.size
set mapred.min.split.size.per.node
set mapred.min.split.size.per.rack
increase map number :
When input The papers are very large , The logic of the task is complex ,map When execution is very slow , You can think about adding Map Count , To make each map The amount of data being processed is reduced , So as to improve the efficiency of task execution .
Suppose there is such a task :
select data_desc, count(1), count(distinct id),sum(case when …),sum(case when ...),sum(…) from a group by data_desc
If the table a Only one file , The size is 120M, But it contains tens of millions of records , If you use 1 individual map To complete this task , It must be time-consuming , In this case , We need to consider splitting this file into multiple pieces , So you can use multiple map The task is to complete .
set mapred.reduce.tasks=10;
create table a_1 as select * from a distribute by rand(123);
This will a The record of the table , Randomly distributed to include 10 File a_1 In the table , Reuse a_1 Instead of the above sql Medium a surface , Will use 10 individual map The task is to complete . Every map Task processing is greater than 12M( Millions of records ) The data of , Efficiency will definitely be much better .

reduce Number settings :
Parameters 1:hive.exec.reducers.bytes.per.reducer=1G: Every reduce The amount of data processed by the task
Parameters 2:hive.exec.reducers.max=999(0.95*TaskTracker Count ): Maximum for each task reduce number
reducer Count =min( Parameters 2, Total amount of input data / Parameters 1)
set mapred.reduce.tasks: The default for each task is reduce number . Typical for 0.99*reduce Number of slots ,hive Set it to -1, Automatically determine reduce number .

15. Use index :
hive.optimize.index.filter: Use index automatically
hive.optimize.index.groupby: Use aggregate index optimization GROUP BY operation

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