oracle for  in It is more convenient for data processing of circulation

Because our usual operations often encounter cyclic data operations

Here's an example of the establishment



for item in 2..10 loop

dbms_output.put_line('the reuslt is '||item);
end loop;


The output is as follows :

the reuslt is 2
the reuslt is 3
the reuslt is 4
the reuslt is 5
the reuslt is 6
the reuslt is 7
the reuslt is 8
the reuslt is 9
the reuslt is 10

2. Database related operations

The table created is as follows :

   ( "ID" VARCHAR2(20 BYTE),

On going for loop  The operation of the loop is as follows :


for i in (select id from firstclass) loop 
end loop;

Pay attention to the i Be similar to oracle Of record It's a record

So when we use it, it should be

The output of the operation is as follows :

the firstclass id is :1
the firstclass id is :2
the firstclass id is :3
the firstclass id is :4
the firstclass id is :5

Flexible use of operation statements can provide many convenient ways for our daily operation .


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