1. download boost_1_43_0.zip( Where to download , Do it yourself )

2. decompression boost_1_43_0.zip( I'm going to decompress it directly and put it in F disc )

3. start-up vc Of Command Prompt Compile the generated bjam.exe

cmd To F:/boost_1_43_0/tools/jam/src Next , Input :

build.bat vc8( My is vs2005 Nature is vc8)

After compiling, it can be used in F:/boost_1_43_0/tools/jam/src/bin.ntx86 Found in the directory bjam.exe

Copy it to F:/boost_1_43_0 Under the table of contents ( In fact, it's about talking to you boost-build.jam In the peer Directory )

4. compile boost library ( I chose to compile completely )

Cmd To F:/boost_1_43_0 perform

bjam --toolset=msvc-8.0 --build-type=complete

5. To configure vc

include Catalog :F:/boost_1_43_0

library Catalog :F:/boost_1_43_0/stage/lib

6. Use

For example, to use boost Regular expression of : Sure #include <boost/regex.hpp>

Be careful boost The default is to link statically ,boost Of auto-link The mechanism will automatically help us include the corresponding static lib

You can also use boost Dynamic link mode of ( I checked the information myself )

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